Carousel: April 2020

My darlings, my babies, my glorious creatures… I know you’re cooped up in your house. Me too! #samesies! Aren’t we all?! If you’ve been slowly going mad, never fear… I have articles, videos, case studies, and all kinds of fascinating literature for you to digest. Here’s a round-up of the best of the web, in my humble opinion.

I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share

 3 Marketing Lies Small-Business Owners Tell Themselves

 Why Some Happy Couples Choose To Sleep In Separate Bedrooms

 RuPaul’s Recipe For Success? Love Yourself And Stay Flexible

 Brene Brown on Tim Ferris, striving versus self-acceptance, saving marriages and more

 What was He’s Just Not That Into You all about, really?

 Let’s talk about the psychology behind Love Is Blind.

 The three questions that can predict whether a relationship will last, according to OKCupid data

 Why witchcraft is on the rise. I swear there’s an article about this every month, but… Can we ever read enough analysis of it? I know I can’t!

 Stuck in your house? Uh, yeah, me too. So why not watch the 25 best sex scenes from movies?

 Macauley Culkin is doing okay, actually

 Things to do in LA (once it’s safe): go to the new restaurant on Gucci’s rooftop. The menus are especially cute.

 100 scientific papers on what creates a lasting brand. I loved this!

 78 New Emotions. The Cut is exploring a scientific theory that suggests we have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them — and so we did, asking writers to identify new ways to feel.

 6 Easy Steps for Fucking Your Friends Without Fucking Up the Friendship

 Is America Ready for the SoulCycle of Sex?

 Kim Kardashian on Skims, restraint, and saying no

 Wellness is an industry, a journey and now a $5,000-a-year club. Gosh, I really wonder about all these businesses in our new climate… Only time will tell, I suppose!

 Why Theo Von Got Sober.

 How African feng shui can shape the continent’s cities of the future

 Why Chateau Marmont Valets Are “Unsung Heroes” of Hollywood

I hope you enjoyed this! Stay safe!

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