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Things I Love Thursday… And Also, Things You Love Thursday!


Hello, from a face made out of a booty! Hahaha. This photo made me laugh so hard when I saw it that I just had to feature it! It’s just so magnificent. I think everyone should surround their bums with tinsel at all times.

So, let’s switch it up. Instead of sharing my top five favourite things, I asked my Facebook babes what was making them happy today! I picked a few to share with you, and here they are…

Emma said, “Dancing, the feeling of a cool breeze on a warm day, messages from people you haven’t spoken to for a while, books and the great British bake off!”

Tawyna said, “Farmers On the Square Wednesdays (and getting to sell fresh local organic produce!) – a New Moon Intention circle with my 10 year old twin boys who were happy to participate! – second week tv-free and no one is complaining (not even the kids!) – long weekends – and most of all, awareness.”

Amanda said, “Just had ACL surgery yesterday, and I am grateful for my incredibly helpful husband, for fun diversions like The Kinky Coloring Book, not as much pain as I anticipated, great doctors, and the friends who have been checking up on me!”

Anastasia said, “Emojis. The invention of dressy jogging pants that I can wear to work. Another year gone by, my birthday was Tuesday. Lunch, because hunger. A shopping/spa day date with my mom this weekend. Oh and Opi’s You Don’t Know Jaques. xo”

Heather said, “Being able to do what I love every day (writing), starting my Gothic masters (and getting to read and watch Gothic books and films as research, every day magic, my husband/family/friends and living in a place with changing seasons.”


“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” — Iyanla Vanzant

Little things I love… Last weekend’s Radical Self Love Salon — and the lovely ladies who attended — was wonderful. My next one is Sunday September 21st. Come and join us! Going to bed early — best feeling ever Doing advanced Pilates moves! Holy shit, so challenging, but so satisfying! The very sane men I have in my life Really and truly becoming one with our new couch Breaking in new shoes (okay, actually kind of painful, but they sure look cute!)  Little packets of chocolate almond butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter… Delightful!  Dramatic instrumental playlists to write along to  Gift magazine (get it!)  A huge stack of magazines, just waiting for me  Reading at night  Ordering custom confetti (squeak!) 

Things I would be cruel not to tell you… Sephora is having a 75% off sale (online only), and my favourite eye-cream is included! (Go get it, dark circle sufferers!) This is what my media kit looks like. I swear this abundance candle works. I just started using the StyleBook app, which is a way of organising your closet and planning your outfits. So cool. Yesterday, I photographed all my skirts… And I think it has immense potential! Elemoon is the most exciting Kickstarter I’ve seen in a long time. I think we should all be taking alchemy baths! Wanna join me? 

Eternal love,

Amazing bum photo by Charlotte Rutherford. Rainbow shot by Hana Haley.

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Things I Love Thursday: Bright Lit Blue Skies


This morning, Mike and I woke up and walked the dogs down to the East River. As we strolled and chatted, we played the gratitude game. It’s simple: all you have to do is name 5 things you’re thankful for in this very moment. It can be surprising how quickly it gets deep and meaningful, and it’s also an incredible way to start the day.

It’s important to count your blessings, especially when it appears like the world is going to hell in a hand-basket all around you. Maybe you have also been following the news with a mixture of disgust and revulsion. Sometimes it can all seem too much. Get informed, and help where you can. Practice compassion, and march for peace, but know when it’s time to take a break. Step away when you know you’ve had enough. Be good to yourself and the people around you.

Here are some things I’m thankful for this week…

My massage pillow
Right now, my magical massage pillow is wriggling all over my lower back, and it is the best thing ever. I always get really bad lower back pain when it’s that time of the month, and this pillow is a lifesaver! I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it here before, but if you’re in agony and don’t have the time or the dough to go to a masseuse, this will be your saving grace. I use it at least twice a week, and it always does the trick. LOVE IT.

Business plans, goals, and 2015
The New Moon in Virgo is coming this Monday… And my inner Virgo is on high alert. My latest obsessions have been cleaning the house, hanging mirrors and art (aka making the house look like a home), and PLOTTING. I figured out our 2015 Blogcademy dates in a frenzy last night (stay tuned!), yesterday afternoon I wrote a list of goals for the second half of 2014, and I’m going to spend the rest of the day writing a couple of business plans. This is my idea of heaven.

Cleaning out my closet — and finding great new stuff
Whenever you make space in your life — whether by quitting a sucky job, cutting off contact with a negative friend, or by clearing out physical junk — you are rewarded for it. This is just how it works. I was reminded of this fact the other day when I went to Buffalo Exchange with a whole suitcase full of stuff that I simply do not wear. I sold pretty much all of it, and then of course, I looked through the racks. I ended up taking home skirts by Helmut Lang, Rag and Bone, Moschino Cheap & Chic, and Cynthia Rowley… And a Gucci handbag! What?! The thrifting gods were smiling down on me that day!

Dolly’s personality
Can I just take a moment to commemorate Dolly’s loveliness? I know that if you have a dog, this might offend you, but… Dolly is the best dog. She is 100% full of love. She wants to play with every dog she meets, and lick every person. She is curious and ridiculous, and she has the longest tongue I have ever seen. (I think it goes all the way back to the base of her ribcage.) Her favourite things to do are chase Hank and kiss him (he is old and cranky, but she loves him anyway), pass out in a pile of blankets and pillows, and walk underneath you like a cat. It is adorable. If you were here right now, she would lick your face until you begged for mercy. She makes my go pitter-patter!

The little things…
Hard workouts that make you feel high as a kite. Layering up berry lipsticks. Looking forward to showing my babe, Helen, an authentic NYC Christmas! New boots (the Ashlee, by Miista). Sending packages to Francesca Lia Block. Making the best guacamole ever. This lipstick in Pink Peony (it’s as close to “nude” as I’ll go). Finally doing my nails (complete with sparkle thumbs). Working with a new photographer! Opening the fridge and forgetting that you left a Juice Press smoothie inside (it’s like buying a present for yourself in the future). Seeing the Aphex Twin logo sprayed on the ground — new album soon! Cleaning my face as soon as I get home, and covering it in serums and madness. And Dolly’s adorable sneezes! Awww.


So, what are you thankful for this week? Share your top five with a friend!


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Things I Love Thursday: Autumn Dreams


This has been one of the most wonderful summers, but… I admit… I’m ready to start bundling up. Confession time: in Amsterdam, I bought this sweater. I’m stocking up on hats (I got this one in navy blue, and a bunch of new beanies). I’m looking lustily at blazers and stockings.

This morning, as I made tea, I had a sudden rush of excitement while thinking about winter. I know that by December, I’ll be 100% over it, but for now, I’d love to be able to wear a cardigan!

Do you get like this, too? It’s like perpetual the-grass-is-always-greener, but for seasons. I blame it on my upbringing in New Zealand! It’s always so mild there, and I wish NYC could be a little more like that. NYC is a place of extremes: it’s either sweltering hot and humid, or frozen solid. Mike and my friend, Tommy, like to tell me that I only enjoy the weather for about two weeks out of every year. Sadly, it is true!

Alright, let’s switch it up, and try a slightly different format today. If you write gratitude lists too, I encourage you to give this version a shot! Instead of listing lots of little things, I’ve chosen five things I love, and am going a little deeper into my explanation. Give it a go!

Beyond The Pale Motel
What can I say other than “Wow”?! I read an advance copy of Francesca Lia Block’s Beyond The Pale Motel on the flight back from London, and it kept me thoroughly gripped the entire time. When Francesca emailed it to me, she wrote, “It’s dark. I hope you enjoy.” She wasn’t kidding. It’s magnificent: very dark, very sexy, and so, so good. Don’t expect Weetzie Bat to pop out of the pages: even though Beyond The Pale Motel is set in Hollywood, this book is about the city’s grim underbelly. I absolutely loved it, and it keeps rebounding into my thoughts a week later. The hardcover will be released September 16th: pre-order it if you know what’s good for you!

Involuntary Kiwi moments
The other day, I was walking Dolly (and wearing the hat I mentioned earlier). A big gust of wind blew, and my hat almost went flying. Totally without thinking, I said, “Bugger”. You can take the girl out of New Zealand… !

Our new couch
…Otherwise known as the most comfortable couch on the planet. I can’t even tell you how much we love it. It was delivered a couple of hours before I flew to Europe, so we — as in, the couch and I — have been getting acquainted. I ordered it in Chenille Tweed, in Frost Grey, and I’ve been working from it most days. The couch cushions are really deep, so you can sit back and completely relax, and it’s wide enough (75 inches!) that I can lie all the way across and fall asleep on it (and trust me, that has happened). I’m so obsessed!

Being back in my routine
I absolutely love excitement, spontaneity, and not knowing what’s around the next corner. It’s the best, and it’s what I eat, sleep and breathe when I’m travelling. But when I get home, my GOD, it’s wonderful to slot back into a routine. Waking up in my own bed, eating oatmeal with almond milk and drinking a cup of yerba mate for breakfast, writing all morning, and going to the gym in the evening, is like living the dream. Coming home always makes me so thankful for this life.

Focus and relaxation
I’ve been working on something exciting (!!!) this week, and I’m psyched about it. Because I’m so happy to be working on it, the time has been flying by, and I’ve been able to focus like a laser. Of course, by the time I’m done, I’m absolutely exhausted… So I’ve been hanging out, watching Bored To Death, Daria, Extras, and The Birdcage (sniff). It’s so nice to unwind at the end of the day.

I wanted to add to this post how devastated I am by the passing of Robin Williams. He was always my favourite comic, and I adored him. It’s easy to go down a dark rabbit-hole, reading about his last days, and theorizing about what made him feel that he should take his life, but I promise you that it won’t make you feel any better. Instead, if you loved him, celebrate his life by watching your favourites of his films, laughing out loud at his spectacular stand-up, and remember him as he would have wanted to be remembered: making the world smile.


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Things I Love Thursday: Groeten Uit Amsterdam!

Photo by Shell De Mar

Groeten uit Amsterdam! We arrived in Holland yesterday, after an incredible few days in Berlin. We adventured as far and wide as we could, but feel like we barely even scraped the surface of Berlin. The love affair is in full effect! I was so sad to leave! (New dream: go back every year. Yes, please!)

Today, we’re out and about, soaking up the best of what Amsterdam has to offer. We don’t really have a plan beyond going wherever the wind blows us… I can’t wait!


On the love-o-meter lately… Fizzy apple juice! Getting re-obsessed with Filofax diaries (look out 2015, I’m comin’ to get ya!) Going a little bit crazy on the stationery floor at KaDeWe Walking around Prenzlauer Berg on a gorgeous day Sideways photobooths! Stopping off for ice-cream all the time Very loud yacht rock sing-a-longs in our Berlin apartment Buying silly t-shirts (see below!)  Partying with our Blogcademy babes at our London mixer Finding disco balls in the garden (because, of course) Looking out the window of our place in Berlin to see that our neighbours had a treehouse and a trampoline Reading about emotional vampires  Despite my t-shirt, practicing my German as much as possible  Walking along the East Side Gallery  Stumbling upon a miniature greenhouse within a Mercedes-Benz dealership  Emergency trips to a local cafe for tea and other essentials! 

life is too short to learn german

This weekend, we’re teaching our last European class (Amsterdam) for the year. It’s pretty packed, but if you want to squeeze in, we can make that happen! We’d love you to join us to throw confetti, get some top-notch blogging education, and have a damn good time to boot!

Crazy to think that my next Things I Love Thursday will come from NYC. We’re having the time of our lives in Europe, but I can’t wait to get back to the city to see my man and our puppies.  I miss them like mad!


Top photo by Shell De Mar. She is the best!

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Things I Love Thursday: A European Adventure!


Good morning! Today is our last day in the U.K. before we jet off to Berlin tomorrow. I’m absolutely beside myself about going back to Germany — I love it there — and in addition to teaching there this weekend, we have Monday and Tuesday free to explore before we head to Amsterdam. The excitement, it is real!

I haven’t been to Berlin or Amsterdam since the very early 2000s, when my boyfriend and I flew all the way from New Zealand to see the Legendary Pink Dots play a few shows. That was my first real trip abroad as an adult, and I am a much more confident traveller these days! It will be wonderful to see those cities through a different lens, with two adventurous babes by my side!


It has been an action-packed trip so far, that’s for sure. I kicked off my first international Radical Self Love Salon last Friday underneath an enormous disco ball (it. was. MAGNIFICENT), and went straight into two days of The Blogcademy at Curtain Road. We had one day off, exploring London — from Shoreditch to Bond Street — before jumping back into another two days of teaching. Madness! But wonderful madness, all the same!


Last night after class, Loulou took Kat, Shauna, Sophie and I to dinner at Shoreditch House. It was pretty amazing: a rooftop pool, unlimited candy, a free photobooth, and a thoroughly ridiculous cast of characters. The food was incredible, too. I had pea and mint soup (my new obsession), grilled salmon with teeny-tiny mushrooms, and a chocolate torte which rocked my world. I also slurped on a lavender cocktail: delicious!

Tonight is our big Blogcademy party and you’re invited! There will be more fun than you can shake a stick at. Come out and dance with us!


On the love-o-meter lately… The splendour that is ABC Carpet and Home (And buying my very first big girl armchair) MAC lipstick (my new favourites are Happy Go Lucky and Show Orchid) Trawling around London with my camera Selfridges! The best! Chad Wys: I love his art so much! Hoi Polloi at the Ace Hotel (our new favourite restaurant) Ginger beer with every meal Pink roses everywhere Gifts of crystals  A thick stack of photobooth strips beside my bed  The pink transparent cutlery at Itsu  Sexy Post-It notes (they exist Playing with the Party Party app Really small (and really big) Diptyque candles Bounty ice-creams Dancing after class Perving in flower shops One-shouldered dresses Tan Towels! A summer essential!

Bunny kisses,

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