Daily Outfit — 16th February 2009

Daily Outfit

I hereby declare today Valley Of The Dolls day.

Hair by Wildilocks; god, I love ’em.
Vintage pink nightgown (yes, really) bought off Ebay a long time ago
Grey sweater from Ricochet (NZ)
Yellow bow belt from World (NZ)
Black stockings & vintage Mary Quant suspender belt
Guess platform mary janes
Heart earrings from Tarina Tarantino
Blue goldstone, Lolita I.D., & two raspberry Swarovski crystal bracelets
Wedding & Tarina Tarantino rings

Daily Outfit

I’m wearing wool! I KNOW! Summer?! Is that you?! On the evening of Valentine’s Day the temperature dropped like mad, & it seems to have stayed there. I actually wore another cardigan over this ensemble when I left the house.

Daily Outfit

I went to see He’s Just Not That Into You with my favourite girl. I actually really enjoyed it, even though I can’t ever think of Kevin Connolly as anyone but E. Scarlett Johansson was fantastic. (She is also extremely attractive.) So it wasn’t deep or anything, but I liked it. Et toi? Discuss!

Daily Outfit

…I couldn’t resist. Photoshop’s clone tool is my friend.


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