Radical Self Love Wallpaper For Your Phone!

Radical Self Love Wallpapers!

It’s going to be a big month of radical self love for all of us… I’m absolutely delighted for #lovetober to kick off today! I have another surprise for you, too: radical self love wallpapers! So cute!

I’ve created two versions, one for iPhone 5, and one for iPhone 4. If you’re using an Android, there’s no standard size (apparently), so just use the iPhone 5 one (it’s bigger!). Just click to save and then set as your wallpaper!


Magic is believing in yourself: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


Likers gonna like: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


Life is beautiful: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


I create my own luck: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


Radical self love creates miracles: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


Love yourself: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4


Babe: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4

I love you! Let’s make this the best October ever!


Beautiful wallpaper designs by We Are Branch.

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