Wonderland Session #10: How To Stop Spiralling

Yesterday’s Wonderland Session addressed the ever-present question: what can I do to stop my downward spirals? I chose this question because it’s something I get asked a lot. After I started talking about the importance of feeling good, it tripped a lot of you up, because surely if feeling good is the goal, feeling bad should be a punishable crime!

Of course, it isn’t. And while it’s essential that feeling good is our top priority, we need to accept that we won’t feel good ALL THE TIME.

In the video below, I outline several easy steps to help you overcome the wobble… So you can get back to feeling good again!



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P.S. I’m just about to hop on a plane to Brisbane! Get your tickets right here for Brisbane (it’s this Saturday!) and Melbourne (next Wednesday, baby)! xox


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