Wonderland Session #17: When Catastrophe Strikes

It’s oh-so-easy to focus on feeling good and getting into the vortex when everything in our life is working. When your career is on point, you have money in the bank, your relationship makes you smile, and you’re in perfect health, what is there to complain about? Not too much.

It’s when things start to fall apart that we really find out whether we have our shit together… Or not.

After all, what good are our spiritual practices and our tools if they don’t work when we truly need them?

In this week’s Wonderland Session, I get into the nitty-gritty, namely: what do we do when catastrophe strikes? I have lots of tips, things for you to remember, and tools for you to call on that you might have forgotten about.

If you just got fired, if you declared bankruptcy, if you got dumped or divorced, or if the health of you or someone close is a big question mark, this one is for you. I hope that it helps you to see that with the right attitude, you can tackle anything… And you can become the heroine of your story once more.



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Photo by Made U Look Photography.


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