Happy Birthday To Me + A Special Treat For You!

My darlings, it is my birthday. I am 34 years old today! I’m so happy to have made it through another year and to sail boldly into the next. Some years are harder than others, and 33 was a doozy. But I survived! And it can only get better from here.

In fact, I made a little video… Because I wanted to say thank you for being with me on this journey. I hope it uplifts you and inspires you to make the absolute best of this one life you have!

Another way of saying thank you? I’m having a BIRTHDAY SALE for 24 hours only, and all my courses and classes are HALF-PRICE! Jump in there and pick up something to make your life better! Maybe you could get over your ex… Murder your perfectionistic tendencies… Learn about manifesting money… Or get a good kick in the bum to live life to the fullest!

I love you endlessly.



Love Lab: Your Love, Sex, And Relationship Questions Answered!

08.24.2017 · love

This week has been so much fun: a non-stop slumber party with Shauna, Alexandra, and my man. But of course, it’s not all play. We couldn’t resist working a little bit too! That’s why on Tuesday morning, Alexandra and I cozied up on my couch to answer your love, sex, and relationship questions. And we […]


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Summer Gratitude List: 2017

08.21.2017 · gala

Eclipse season is upon us, my friends. I don’t know about you, but this summer has thrown me — and my loved ones — its fair share of challenges. There has been frustration, and tears, and a funeral. But even in the midst of those moments, there is sweetness to be had. Hugging your friends so tight […]


Advice Needed: My Soulmate Has Lost His Soul!

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How To Survive Mercury Retrograde!

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Oh, Mercury retrograde. You are here, AGAIN. You have arrived on our collective doorsteps in all your messy glory. You are our dreaded but regular house-guest. You stagger in the door, kick over our furniture, leave crumbs all over the couch and hog the bathroom. Then, as quickly as you appeared, you disappear again, leaving […]


Movie Time! Radical Self Love Temple: Vow

08.11.2017 · radical self love

Words cannot describe how excited Veronica and I were to be hosting our first ever retreat. As is often the case with me, I don’t like to start small. My first tattoo was a half-sleeve, and my first retreat was in Africa. It all makes sense! Veronica and I met at JFK, our suitcases full […]


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