High Vibe Honey: Week Of 15th April 2019 + TAPPING That I Am So Abundant And Grateful!

Good morning baby! I was up until 5.30 this morning with some of my friends from New York. The evening started as a poetry reading, and when we went next door to get a drink afterwards, it turned out that we were in the most fun karaoke bar ever! (My Jay-Z flow is available to anyone who wants to torture themselves in my Instagram Stories.) And then we ended up at some S&M party where you couldn’t flush toilet paper?! It was one of those nights, you know?!

This week’s High Vibe Honey is about staying SHARP! The cards tell us that it is all working out the way we want it to, but that it is important to keep ourselves focused and not let ourselves get derailed by unimportant fluff! Tune in below!


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Big love,


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