High Vibe Honey: Week Of 18th March 2019 + TAPPING That I Am Unstoppable!

Happy Monday you gorgeous creature! This week’s High Vibe Honey isn’t just about cards. We talk about whether feeling good is a privilege of the lucky few, and what to do if you feel like your life might never improve. Plus I mention the recent events in New Zealand (my homeland) and talk about what I’m doing to help.

The tapping is all about being UNSTOPPABLE. I can’t wait for you to do it!


Big love,


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 11 with Jessica Snow

03.09.2019 · video

Jessica Snow is a truly magical creature. I discovered her through our mutual friend, Mystic Medusa, and was instantly drawn in to her world. Jessica is a meditation guide and author, and she is the person I recommend to everyone who wants to start a meditation practice. Her meditations are alchemical and transformative like nothing […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 10 with Lux ATL

03.07.2019 · video

Last night, I had the privilege of sitting down with Lux ATL. It was our first time meeting, and she is delightful! I’ve followed her online for a couple of years. Lux is a former university instructor and exotic dancer turned itinerant preacher for women’s empowerment through sensual awakening… And she will blow your mind! […]


How To Survive Mercury Retrograde!

03.05.2019 · magic

Oh, Mercury retrograde. You are here, AGAIN. You have arrived on our collective doorsteps in all your messy glory. You are our dreaded but regular house-guest. You stagger in the door, kick over our furniture, leave crumbs all over the couch and hog the bathroom. Then, as quickly as you appeared, you disappear again, leaving […]


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The Gala Darling Show: Episode 9 with Jerico Mandybur

02.28.2019 · video

Two episodes of The Gala Darling Show in one week?! IT IS GETTING WILD UP IN HERE! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy having these conversations, and I’d love your feedback on them… So don’t be shy, and feel free to comment over on YouTube! Today I’m interviewing Jerico Mandybur. On the day […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 8 with Gabriela Herstik

02.27.2019 · video

Hello you lovely thing! I am back with another brand spanking new episode of The Gala Darling Show, and I think you’re going to love it! In this episode, I sat with Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch, and we chatted for an hour and twenty minutes about magic, self-love, and creativity!   We talked […]


Have A Truly Happy Valentine’s Day With These Free Tapping Videos!

02.14.2019 · video

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful! We’re only a few hours in, and if you’ve spent even a millisecond on social media, you already know that everyone’s telling you to have a happy Valentine’s Day. But how exactly do you do that if you’re in pain? Today I have a special gift for you: I recorded three […]


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