Shop My Life: New York City, September 15th!

Attention New York City babes with a flair for sparkle and the dramatic! As you probably know by now, I’m officially leaving the East Coast to move to Los Angeles… And over the last ten years here, my shopping obsession has gotten slightly out of control!

My insanity is now your gain. I cannot take all of this stuff to California with me… So I’m throwing a Shop My Life sale in my apartment tomorrow!

What can you expect?

Clothing (vintage and new). Jewelry (sparkly costume jewelry to Gucci to cute little odds and ends). Books (honestly, my library is next level). Handbags (Kate Spade, Celine, Ted Baker, and more). Bunny masks! Tarot cards and oracle decks. Brand new cosmetics out the wazoo. Framed prints and original art. Neon lights! Mirrors. Lamps. Tables. Blankets (pink and fluffy, sequinned throws from Morocco, and more). Jonathan Adler cushions. Shoes (from pink glitter Louboutins to black Nike sneaker wedges). Sunglasses (vintage Pucci through to bedazzled handmade frames). Signed copies of Radical Self-Love! Cups and mugs. Magical candles. An almost neverending selection of pins and patches. Um… So much more. My head is spinning just thinking about it!

Things to knowI’ll be accepting cash, PayPal and Venmo! Bring your own tote bag! And I recommend getting here at 12 on the dot. We won’t be letting anyone in earlier, and if you come too late, I know it’s all gonna be gone!

I can’t wait! This is going to be hilarious and so much fun.

Love always,


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