100 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

Life has not been cancelled. Babies are still being born, flowers are blooming, bees are floating around, people are falling in love, artists are making some of their most incredible work. Your existence is not OVER. The circumstances have changed, that’s all — and it won’t be like this forever.

But in case you’ve been sucked into a fear and anxiety tornado, here are a hundred things you can be grateful for right now. (I’d love to see your additions to this list!)

 The way clouds move across the sky  How sunshine feels on your skin  How good music sounds in headphones  People are healing all over the world  Beauty is everywhere, if you look for it  THE INTERNET (thank God!)  All your favorite books  That Spotify will make you a specialized new playlist every week  Your friends and the way they make you laugh  Naps  Deep breathing  Tapping  All your memories of your favorite moments  Smiling is free  Stand-up comedy  Orgasms have not been quarantined  Your excellent dance moves  How good a room feels when you clean it  People who make memes  Travel shows  The opportunity to consider your next move  Pink sunsets  More time than ever to write, journal, and create  Deeper conversations  More time than ever to learn, make notes, and plan for the future  The infinite resources available (videos, courses, podcasts, books) that you can use to change your life from your couch!  Optimism  Falling in love has not been cancelled  Necessity is the mother of invention  All the new projects and businesses that are being born right now  How good it feels to be in a bath  Coffee and chocolate taste as excellent as ever (if not better)  Flattering lighting  Rainbows  Phone calls from people you love  Hummingbirds  Hot ideas  When you take a really good photo  Being happy for your friends  CBD  Sore muscles after a workout  Forgiveness  Artists are still creating  Your favorite pens  The potential of a blank page  Things that are beautifully designed  Butterflies  Roses  The sound of rain  DJs  Sitcoms  Dreams that answer questions  Knowing you are not alone  All the first responders and essential workers  Watching other people be creative  Prince  How it feels when you get into a beautiful state  Your vision of the future  Press-on nails (thank goodness)  That moment when the sun comes out  Blue skies  How it feels to help people  Endorphin rushes  Flirting  Voices singing in harmony  The smell of a roast dinner  People who surprise you  Learning new things about your favorite people  Asking for help and getting it  Our amazing brains  Supermarkets are fully stocked again  Netflix  Sleeping in as long as you want  Fresh bed sheets  Cherry blossoms  Sequins  Making a playlist for someone  This won’t last forever  Think how good it will feel to leave the house again!  Think about the outfit you’ll wear!  Think of the people you’ll see…  And the hugs you’ll give and receive…  The places you will be able to go…  The meals you will be able to eat…  The beaches you’ll be able to visit…  The total freedom to go anywhere you want  The overseas trips you’ll take  The new memories you’ll make  How well-rested you’ll be!  All the new experiences you’ll have  The deep appreciation you’ll have for what used to be ordinary things  The stories you’ll be able to tell about this wild time in history  That you might even look back on this time fondly  Because of what you visualized, dreamed up, and worked on during this time  But mostly, you’ll be free again  To do whatever you want  Whenever you want  However you want  And that’s the greatest gift of all  Your total freedom 

I love you!

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