100 Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside!

100 Things To Do When You're Stuck Inside!

Cabin fever is real, you guys. The Frankenstorm is picking up speed in New York City, & it has me preparing for the worst: it’s just gonna be me, my husband & our two sleepy dogs for the next few days. In order to prevent us from losing our minds, I started making this list of things to keep us busy….

Paint a vase. Make shadow puppets. Write a gratitude list. Watch a documentary about someone truly fabulous. Order a disco ball to decorate your living room. Eat a bowl of ice-cream (& don’t forget to add chocolate shell!). Create the perfect stack of arm candy. Bake something insane & over-the-top! Pull out all your old magazines. Read them, then cut them up to make collages, vision boards & to stick into your radical self love bible! Clean out your closet! Make a few piles: put into storage, sell, donate, & keep. Then, of the things you’re keeping in your closet for this season, start to piece together little outfits. (I like to draw mine on a piece of paper, but I’m nerdy that way!) Make a master list of everything you need to do. Yeah, EVERYTHING! Then start… Reply to all of your email. All of it! The madness! Add a whole lot of movies to your Netflix queue, & work your way through them… Read your favourite blogs from the beginning all the way to the end! Change the outfits on your Monster High dolls… (One of my new obsessions, & yes, I know, I am way too old for this!) Moisturise your entire body. Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip is my new favourite body moisturiser: it smells like a tropical escape. Frame up some of your favourite photographs & hang them in your house. Paint a wall! Put your camera in your handbag so you don’t forget to take pictures when you finally get to leave the house! Torture your pets by making them wear costumes &/or hats. Then take photographs. Read the entire newspaper. Organise your jewellery collection. Put on all your sequins, lie in bed & read a book. Paint your nails in an extremely elaborate fashion. Draw a bubble bath & call one of your best friends for a long overdue chat. Do a spot of online shopping. I don’t know about you, but I just bought a sequin maxi-skirt. No better antidote to a storm, I’m telling you! Learn the words to your favourite rap song to impress strangers with. Research & plan a road-trip to ensue as soon as your self-imposed cabin fever is over. Unsubscribe from 95% of the blogs in your Google Reader list. (You won’t miss them…) Make paper dolls, then put them in envelopes & send them to your best friends. Build a fort using blankets, chairs & a sofa. Tell ghost stories. Catch up on your sleep. Reorganise your desk. Throw away your old papers & start fresh. Learn one of Beyonce’s dance routines. Watch an entire season of RuPaul’s Drag Race & think about how you could improve your makeup application skills. Re-write your bio or your about page… & make it really good! Practice your best #bloggerface on Instagram. Consider making your own Snuggie by hand-stitching a bunch of old sweaters. Clean your house. Think obsessively about what the perfect shoe is for you this season. Redesign your entire life with the help of Pinterest. Chew an entire pack of Hubba Bubba & blow the biggest bubbles possible. Book yourself on a cruise. Go on! Make faces. Glue crystals onto a pair of sunglasses. Put on lipstick & kiss all your envelopes. Dye your lingerie in the bathtub. Paint a huge heart on your wall. Light candles. Daydream. Write a letter. Order monogrammed stationery. Tease your hair really, really big. Make a zine. Make out. Make your own book-ends. Do some sun salutes in your living room. Sing to your plants. Stick glow-in-the-dark stars all over your roof. Camp indoors! Cook yourself an extravagant breakfast: eggs, bacon, pancakes & a big pot of tea… (Or in an ideal world, Don Draper would do it for you.) Make a mixtape. Cut out drawings of Where’s Wally & stick them in secret corners of your house. Watch Sex & The City from start to finish. Put on your most glamorous everything & slink around your home. Lament the number of stamps in your passport & resolve to up your international playgirl game. Make a pile of jewellery that you could either donate or sell. Fresh starts feel good! Spray your shoes with glue & roll them in glitter. Get lost in nostalgia by Googling all your favourite television shows from childhood. Make ombre curtains. Tweeze your eyebrows. Literally make lemons into lemonade. Practice drawing the perfect cat’s eye. Break in a new pair of shoes. Make a mess. Style your bedroom. Hula hoop! Read conspiracy theories. Start planning — & purchasing — birthday & holiday gifts for your favourite people. Stick things to your phone case. Watch a TED talk. Read old love letters. Get rid of everything that you do not know to be useful, or find to be beautiful. Re-read your favourite book. Write postcards. Make a milkshake. Arm-wrestle! Resolve to go swimming. Glitter your eyebrows. Write a poem. Layer lots of necklaces at once. Do 20 push-ups. Call your mother. Paint something pink. Recreate this piece of art. Look out the window. Put on a clean pair of pyjamas. Relax…

If you, like me, are in the path of the storm, tell us, how are you going to keep yourself occupied? Whatever your plans, please stay safe!

Love & blanket forts,