100 Ways To Show Yourself Love If You Hate Pink And Bubble Baths

Radical self love is for everyone, no matter your gender, your age, your race, or how much you like pink. Yes, I am pretty high on the femme scale — I consider hot pink lipstick an essential, and feel slightly guilty when I don’t wear heels — but that doesn’t mean you are. As such, the ways you choose to show love to yourself might be completely different.

Here, then, are 100 ways to practice radical self love, if the thought of taking a bubble bath makes you want to puke!

Drink a green juice Go for a hike Stock up on your favourite author at a secondhand book shop Buy a massage pillow, turn it on and zone out! Go and sit on the beach Sing along to your favourite song Set three big goals to complete this year Roll down a grassy hill Climb a tree and stay up there for a while Learn to make a perfect bloody mary Go for a run Play an instrument really loudly Make yourself an insane milkshake Go to a showing of your favourite movie by yourself Participate in a parade Try kundalini yoga Watch birds Ride your bicycle to a new neighbourhood Give yourself three orgasms Do cartwheels Doodle something happy Meditate Call your mother Do something nice for someone else Count your blessings Say no Turn off your phone Watch a comedy Practice forgiveness Take a nap Go for a walk Write a letter of thanks Take a social media sabbatical Read a book in the sun Take your vitamins Eat a piece of fruit Try something new Walk on the grass Stretch Write down all the compliments you receive Do nothing Celebrate your scars and stretch-marks Drink a cup of tea Buy a plant! Go swimming Fill your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables Spend time alone Get a tattoo! Foster an animal Make some art Hang out in a botanic garden Seek a group with similar interests to you Take flying lessons Paint your front door your favourite colour Start a blog Take a kick-boxing class Hang up some new art Take trapeze lessons Sell or donate your old clothes Smile Book a round-the-world plane ticket Sign up for a class Go through old journals and marvel at how much you’ve changed Carry your camera all the time (I love my Sony NEX 5N) Hang a hammock, then lie in it Embroider your favourite rap lyrics Organise your bookshelf by colour Stick little dinosaurs all along the top of your headboard Try aerial yoga Print and frame your favourite photos Buy a record player and listen to crackly vinyl Wear a vadge badge Drink more water Hire a cool car and go on an adventure Hang a pinata in your living room Start writing a book Make a mixtape of your favourite songs Film a video of your day Rent a kayak and paddle around Put a gnome next to your bed Be radically honest Brush up on the languages you learned in school Hang some really weird wallpaper Watch interviews with your heroes Stop keeping secrets Lie in the grass and stare at the clouds Stock up on your favourite pens Start writing a bucket list (and ticking it off) Make yourself a crazy good ice-cream sundae Run through some sprinklers Tell your best friends you love them Design yourself personalised stationery for writing thank you notes Photocopy your favourite pages from books, blow ’em up, and put them on your wall Stop hanging out with negative people Sweat Try laughter yoga Spend some time beside a pool Cover yourself in temporary tattoos Make a fort in your living room Be your own kind of beautiful

Let me know if you end up trying any of these! I’d love to hear.


Illustration by Jaya Nicely.