Carousel — Week Ending 29th June 2007

Featuring more baked goods & Japanese kids dressed pirates than ever before!

Japan + Johnny Depp = a good time. & you know it.

Julie in Japan writes about a really cool way of commemorating someone’s life.

Vampire cupcake! Way, way too awesome. I added this girl’s journal to my friends list because I HAVE to keep up with her ingenious horror-themed baking.

Ellen Von Unwerth’s “Omahyra & Boyd” shoot. Not safe for work, etc., but very hot!

A t-shirt for Haruki Murakami fans. I want to buy this for my boyfriend.

Ellen Von Unwerth’s “Girls In Their Own Style” shoot. (Yes, I love Ellen.)

Faking Good Breeding had a bra epiphany! A lot of women underestimate the importance of wearing a bra that fits. It’s the base for your clothing, so if it doesn’t fit, everything you put over the top is going to look wrong! As your body changes, your bras should too. Get a professional fitting every year!

A drag queen birthday cake!

& finally, a special treat…

“I would like to introduce myself ~ I’m Andrea, aka Spacegirl, from San Francisco ~ and I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your blog. I read it every day. In fact, I’ve been so inspired by your dedication to your blog that I decided to start my own Daily Outfit blog! It’s all your doing, lady 😉 I’ve discovered it’s a great way to help me keep track of my own outfits, since it’s soooo easy to forget and so easy to mis-remember the details. It’s been really fun so far! You can see it here: