Fashion Report: Spring/Summer 2007/08


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Olga Sherer for Ralph Lauren. Immaculate nails & Lanvin hexagonal ring [US Vogue February 2007]. Pearls. Art deco earrings. Gloves by Molly N [Simply You Summer 2007]. Chanel blue patent driving gloves [US Vogue February 2007]. Diana Vreeland. Random art deco girl. Art deco black enamel bracelet. Bangles by Lanvin, Dior Homme & Patricia von Musulin [US Vogue February 2007]. Girl in a turban. Chanel 5018 sunglasses.

My direction for spring/summer 2007/08 is a mix of aristocratic, tennis & haughty chic, with modern edges.

The look is largely based around black & white, with unexpected splashes of colour to stop me from falling asleep (pink hair, purple fingernails, green eye makeup, etc.). All this talk of spring florals & nu-neon makes me want to rebel, so I will, & I am. I am rebelling towards glamour, elegant necks, an air of transatlanticism, the scent of art deco.

Everything should be long, long, long. Full skirts, dresses that hit below the knee, draped scarves & legs lengthened to the hilt. There will be an emphasis on wrists & legs, the aim is to elongate the limbs as much as possible. For this reason, anything worn around the wrist is encouraged. Black enamel cuffs, fingerless gloves & wristlets will be marvellous for this purpose.

Consider proportion & geometry. Contrast is a cornerstone of the look. Think sleek black dresses with big hair, wide hips with a small waist, long legs in big boots, stacked bangles along a delicate arm. Juxtaposition is key.

Grooming is also of utmost importance this season. Clean clothes, shined shoes, perfect coiffure & immaculate makeup are what will make this look work. Nails should be short but well-kept & lacquered with red or metallics. Slicing this aesthetic with your modern self — candy-coloured hair, tattoos, piercings etc. — will be fabulous.

Hats are essential, particularly anything with a wide brim, as are turbans & headscarves. The ideal pair of sunglasses are the Chanel 5018, closely followed by Tom Ford’s Marissa or Samantha.

If you can only trifle with one sort of accessory, bracelets (which make noise as you gesticulate wildly) are It. Art deco styling is encouraged, lots of heavy metals, but anything with a bit of bolshy shine that catches the eye is acceptable. Also, keep your eyes out for dangling earrings, pearls, rings which reek of art deco futurism, anything Bakelite. If hair is not hidden beneath a turban or hat, it should be pulled back from the face & combed high. Play with animal print (faux, please): zebra, leopard & crocodile. Aristocratic animals, you know the sort.

Swan around in high heels, buy a kimono for lounging, walk at a pace rapid enough that your garments flutter behind you. Have your eyebrows tinted; learn how to do a clean cat’s eye (coming soon!). Buy an elegant clutch for evening adventures. Cultivate a jazz appreciation. Spend time on the telephone as opposed to continual electronic contact. Make a habit of buying treasures. Keep your chin up & stay fabulous.


Daily Outfit — 29th September 2007

09.29.2007 · style

Black turban from Sportsgirl (!!!) — & only $20! Pink glasses Black wool sweater by Visage Long pink singlet from James & August Black pleated skirt by Ricochet Black leggings New Rock boots Bracelets also from Sportsgirl I love this turban, it totally quells my desire to dye my hair black again. It’s an urge […]


The Power Of Eyebrows

09.28.2007 · beauty

Yesterday was pretty exciting, as days go! In addition to hot air ballooning in the morning & getting my ears pierced (!!!), I also had my eyebrows professionally shaped. I haven’t had my eyebrows done by anyone else since the first time I had them tweezed, which was when I was about 15. That’s a […]


Carousel — Week Ending 28th September 2007

It’s only a little carousel this week! Like those tiny ones at airports, you know the type… Don’t Even Think Of Touching That Cupcake! & The Dating Coach Is In from the New York Times. Living in gratitude instead of desire from No Impact Man. How to Accept Criticism with Grace and Appreciation from Zen […]


Things I Love Thursday

09.27.2007 · things i love thursday

Hot air balloons! We finally went on our balloon adventure this morning. We woke up at 4am & had the most incredible time. Highly recommended, kittens! Excitable sales assistants! I went to the sunglasses section of Myer yesterday in search of something that will fit in with my new fashion direction (information coming SOON!), & […]


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Daily Outfit — 26th September 2007

09.26.2007 · style

This is the first outfit I haven’t loathed in days. It has been tough recently! Yesterday I had a tantrum & tried taking photos of my pyjamas, which were about the only things I felt good in, but even those photos were disappointing, so, no dice. New silk headscarf, a gift from the lovely Nadia, […]


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Winter Style 2007

09.25.2007 · style

I’m a bit sad to be in the southern hemisphere right now, because while I love summer, nothing in-store is really thrilling me too much. The rest of you, though, are in luck, because there are some wonderful things available to buy. I can’t stop thinking about it. When it comes to style, winter has […]


Sealed With A Kiss

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Camping In Style

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