2008 Trends & The Imaginary Girls Who Make Them Look Magical

Gold nail-polish


Trend: Gold nail-polish
How? Slick your fingertips with Curry Up Don’t Be Late! by OPI. Play it up with gilded accoutrements that flash but don’t scream.

Candace swept into her international relations lecture at the last minute. As she set her handbag down with an unceremonious clunk, she took a long swig of water & surveyed the room. She stepped up to the lectern & cleared her throat. “Let me tell you what I know about post-positivist epistemology,” she said.

Harem pants


Trend: Harem pants
How? Pair with form-fitting tops & plenty of skin. Add fun accessories so you look more dapper than belly-dancer!

Minnie’s favourite thing to do after attending an environmental rally or a peace march was smile sweetly at shop-keepers while she shoplifted petty items — mints, lip gloss, key-rings. It helped keep the balance, she rationalised.



Trend: Prints
How? Try something bold, something which intimidates you a bit — & don’t be afraid to be “matchy-matchy”!

Jennifer loathed going to the dentist, so she wore her favourite cardigan & stuck her thumbs through the self-made holes in the sleeves. As she lay back in the chair, she tuned out the dentist’s incessant prattling & imagined diving for sunken treasure, naked.

Shirt dresses


Trend: Shirt dresses
How? Couple with natural fabrics for an immaculately crisp summer look. Add a slip in a plain colour to avoid unintentional exposure!

Xenia’s job at the museum made her pretty happy, but she would never admit that her favourite part of the day was sitting in the Egyptian room eating dumplings when everyone else had gone home.