Style Tips — 30th June 2008

Next time you have to make a nerve-wracking phone-call, put on your best, most fabulous pair of shoes. March around your room in them for a bit, pluck up your courage & then dial on your feet. (You always sound more authoritative standing up!)

Open yourself up to new kinds of music. Gregorian chanting, classical music, drumming circles, jazz, mind-blowing electronica, waltzes, turntablism… There is something magical in every musical genre, which can speak to a part of you that was previously untouched. Make it your mission to listen to something different & observe how your body reacts.

Wear a sparkly bikini top under your clothing. No one else needs to know, but you will have shimmering ta-tas!

Start making yourself a charm bracelet full of meaningful totems. Collect charms which mean something to you & remind you of past successes or future goals. (Everything on my charm bracelet has meaning, & when I wear it I feel like having those things near me moves me closer to what I want.) I’ve found the best range of charms on Ebay, & I particularly like Velvet Violet‘s shop.

Experiment with Bach flower remedies. Flowers in liquid format dropped onto the tongue? It all sounds very romantic, doesn’t it?

Listen to The Cure during a thunderstorm. (Read Poppy Z. Brite for extra bonus points! Eyeliner optional.)


Carousel — Week Ending 27th June 2008

06.27.2008 · carousel

Here are some of the best things I’ve found while trawling the internet this week. Enjoy! Ask The Readers: Best Off-The-Wall Productivity Tips from Zenhabits. The most exciting thing to me is how many of the comments are about letting go of expectation, being present, & just allowing your work to flow. We are living […]


Your Personal Manifesto

06.26.2008 · miscellaneous

Super-size it!   I recently discovered Wordle, where you can create an image formed from clusters of words. It’s super cool — quite customisable & really fun to play around with. I used a selection of words from the “about iCiNG” page to create the image above. I set it as my desktop background so […]


Things I Love Thursday

Super-size it! 1. To Flickr with love, 2. Grady McFerrin ~ Illlustration, 3. flou, 4. stella mccartney fitting room wall, 5. delivery, 6. Bunny Face! Ah, bonjour! You’re new to iCiNG, huh? Are you wondering what this is all about? Well, every week, anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join in on Things […]


2008 Trends & The Imaginary Girls Who Make Them Look Magical

06.25.2008 · style

(Product information)   Trend: Gold nail-polish How? Slick your fingertips with Curry Up Don’t Be Late! by OPI. Play it up with gilded accoutrements that flash but don’t scream. Candace swept into her international relations lecture at the last minute. As she set her handbag down with an unceremonious clunk, she took a long swig […]


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Sera Beak

06.24.2008 · miscellaneous

Last night I went to a talk by Sera Beak. Until last week, I had never heard of her — but was miraculously introduced to her by an iCiNG reader! Thank you, ss! When I first looked her up, I came to her website. The picture in the middle? A photograph of a young woman […]


Style Tips — 24th June 2008

If you, like me, are going through a gruelling heat-wave, take heed. Buy a box of aloe vera & vitamin E-enhanced baby wipes, & a bottle of toner from Lush. (I like Eau Roma Water.) Keep them both in the fridge. Start using the baby wipes to clean & cool yourself off when you finally […]


Bubble Battle!

06.22.2008 · new york city

Yesterday I went to a bubble battle in Times Square. The premise? Turn up in Times Square at 6:21pm, bring bubble wands, guns & mixture, & let loose! Of course, I had to go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.   I made a video, too. I found the whole thing really inspiring. […]


Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2009

06.20.2008 · style

Last night was the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection preview. I received the invitation a couple of weeks ago, & all it said was… I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Cocktails, okay. But would there be a show? A media presentation? Models? Or a mad rush of fashionistas trampling one another to get to the […]


Carousel — Week Ending 20th June 2008

I’m actually feeling kind of bunnyriffic in general today. I would love to have one as a pet. Anyway, I can’t help myself… here is some CUTE to fill your day with joy! 1. Mornin’, 2. Easter Bunny or Guinea pig ?, 3. Macro-Bunny, 4. fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん. Alright! Now onto your weekly dose of distraction! […]


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