Carousel — Week Ending 29th May 2009

Kaixo, bunnymoon! Welcome to the start of your weekend! Here’s some silly frothy frilliness to kick you off…

Kylie Minogue + Ellen Von Unwerth = this.

I love it when Mystic Medusa writes about Virgos… Virgoans of Fashion & All Virgoans Are Atypical are two excellent examples!

Illustrations from Edith Head’s How To Dress For Success from 1967.

Daisy Lowe naked. Well, mostly! (Obviously NSFW!)

Magdalena Frackowiak by Walter Pfeiffer for Vogue Paris June/July 2009. Girl + dog = happy.

My sweet friend Elizabeth from Veg News is writing for Crazy Sexy Life! If her first post, Work It!, is anything to go by, she will be writing for them for a long time!

Goals shape the present, not the future by Derek Sivers. Ahem… “You have a goal you’ve been putting off. You want to do it some day. You’ve been meaning to take real action on it, but could use more motivation. Let it go. It’s a bad goal.” RIGHT ON!

Millionaire Vs Nillionaire: Liquid Mineral Foundation. Estee Lauder versus Maybelline, written by Zoe Foster who you may remember from Fruitybeauty! I want to try both of them now…

This is why I married her… Nubby’s post One Year Out of Design School: 10 Valuable Lessons just showcases how mature, awesome & marvellous she really is.

The girl who cried wolf by Francesca Lia Block.

The lavender dreams & aubergine moods group on Flickr is very pretty.

Twitter Zodiac Signs! True for you?

So, apparently Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex & the Sexes is an amazing book. I found a site which excerpts parts of it, & I read these pieces so I could see how accurate they were: That Confounding Virgo Male, The Passive Taurus Male Bull, That Fiery Aries Male Ram & The Capricorn Male – A Real Stickler. Let me just say, they are eerily accurate. What do you think?! Also from the same website I found Women & Relationships – Reclaiming Your Power. Good stuff!

Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs — the whole thing is online! Read up!

Sasstrology is cute.

Betsey Johnson talks about five fashion must-haves!

New Burial track (Lambeth).

This makes me laugh so hard every time.

By the way, Holly, Mazza & Hef wish you a happy weekend!



Things I Love Thursday

05.28.2009 · things i love thursday

Alright, so to be totally honest, I haven’t done a lot in the last week. I have mostly been packing up everything I own, organising, cleaning & running around like madwoman, as evidenced by the lack of writing here! So it has not been the most adventurous, action-packed week, but here’s what I’m happy about […]


Introducing… Isobel Oval!

05.27.2009 · style

Who is Isobel Oval? She’s a girl I invented years ago, & usually played side-kick to my favourite character, Diana Risk. I used to write stories about them & their various misadventures. They were best friends, living in Stockholm, Sweden, & were constantly getting into trouble. When I first dreamt them up, Diana & Isobel […]


Carousel — Week Ending 22nd May 2009

05.22.2009 · carousel

This article, Dirty Dancing, about a guy in Detroit cleaning up a strip-club with a bad reputation, is totally fascinating. Cat excitedly recommended this Fashion & Zen podcast for all nonpareils! Zo makes her triumphant return to the world of big hair & big shoes. Holla! Mystic Medusa asks do you really care about shoes? […]


Things I Love Thursday

05.21.2009 · things i love thursday

Bonjour, bonjour mes petites! Kaixo, even! HOORAY, it is Thursday, which of course means the weekend draws ever nearer, but even more excitingly, it’s time for Things I Love Thursday! If you’re new to iCiNG — hello, readers from Next magazine! — here’s how it works. Cast your mind back over the last week, & […]


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Win A Pair Of Shoes From Solestruck!

05.18.2009 · sponsored

I love the Report Masonic!   I said I wasn’t going to write about shoes again for a while, but I couldn’t help it… & if you have any small degree of shoe envy, this should help assuage some of it! My friends at are celebrating their switch to international shipping by offering up […]


Daily Outfit — 16th May 2009

05.17.2009 · style

About to go out & meet my friend Jess from Sugadeaux! She’s visiting from Melbourne. We plan to pretty much shop for a week. So, I think you can buy almost all of this stuff online… Frames from Urban Outfitters Necklace by Dyrberg/Kern Pink & white striped oversized tank from Forever 21 Amazing bra from […]


Carousel — Week Ending 15th May 2009

05.15.2009 · carousel

Peacock & Strutt do really saucy lingerie. (Thanks, Sri!) Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. All about how tireless effort & incessant innovation is rarer than the ability to cooperate & coordinate with the daily grind. Interesting stuff! (Thanks, Emily!) Want to convince your parents that you should be able to […]


Things I Love Thursday

05.14.2009 · things i love thursday

New Zealand’s Next Top Model — I officially love it. I can’t remember what I said about it when it first started, but I am a confirmed fan. The girls are so cool & lovely, & they all seem to really like each other which is so refreshing! I still really adore Christobelle & Laura […]


Gala’s Style Essentials

05.12.2009 · style

Geek glasses I know they’re trendy as hell but I can’t help loving them. Mine are from Urban Outfitters, & I love to throw them on to add a bit of visual interest to an outfit. Sometimes I feel like having them on is a kind of disguise, which can be very welcome on those […]


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