Carousel: Week Ending 30th July 2010

CarouselLove it!

Just a little one this week — I was too busy whipping Love & Sequins #10 into submission to do much browsing!

Sunday Life: The fun of analysing dreams. Nice tie-in to Inception, hmm? (Did you see it? You should.)

Oh my god, these shoes — & this girl’s talent — are off the charts.

The Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Fair Compensation Manifesto. Amen sister!

If you’re not in New York, it’s almost cruel to tell you, but the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has amazing goodies.

16 First Steps to Creating the Life You Want From Some of the World’s Best Bloggers. This is a great piece, & not the same old pieces of advice you’d expect!

Danielle asks, How much money do you want to make this year? It’s an important question! When she asked me, during our phonecall, I was all flustered & unsure. You have to get on top of it!

Things to do this weekend: meditate to Om Namah Shvaya!

Harmony: for doodlers!

How to Throw a Hipster Wedding in 5 Easy Steps. Um… Wait, do these people know that the term “hipster” is an insult?!

Oh my god, this is fabulous. Susie Bubble writes about the Townhouse Escape in London. Can we all go?!

5 Common Happiness Mistakes — “Boosters” That Actually Do More Harm Than Good. Yep, I’d agree with those!

How to tie a scarf from Wikifashion.

I like this behind the scenes video of a shoot for the Motorola Flipout. I mostly like watching stylists do their thing, it is so exciting to me!

Beauty in Everything is rather fab.

I love this article: 5 Stupid, Unfair & Sexist Things Expected of Men.

Not that I have any problem with the idea that women’s sexual pleasure ought to matter to men who have sex with them. The problem lies with the notion that women’s sexual pleasure is entirely men’s responsibility; that pleasing women ought to be completely instinctive; that women’s satisfaction is a victory to be achieved instead of an experience to be shared…

Fashion is superb!

RID fashion street snap is always good sartorial inspiration.

Help, I’m bored!

Are we ready? (LOVE this.)

The Lula scrapbook is very sweet.

I’m the King who brought back partying!

Now I’m going to continue dreaming about renting out a huge office space… Mmmm… Have an incredible weekend!


Things I Love Thursday

07.29.2010 · things i love thursday

Vanilla explosion! I went into Lush Cosmetics on Tuesday afternoon to see what was new in their world. I usually stick to my old favourites when I go in there (Rock Star, Alkmaar, Honey I Washed The Kids) but couldn’t help sampling some of their new products & fell head-over-heels in love with their new […]


Love & Sequins #10!

07.28.2010 · miscellaneous

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”(George Eliot) Love & Sequins #10: INTERNATIONAL PLAYGIRLS UNLIMITED — Taking to the skies, travelling in style, romance on foreign shores & more! has just been smacked on the booty & released into the world! Hallelujah! It’s all about one of my absolute favourite subjects: travelling the world, […]


Daily Outfit: 25th July 2010

07.27.2010 · style

Okay, perhaps “Daily Outfit” is a bit of a misnomer, ’cause I didn’t go out in public like this! (Wait, does climbing around on a fire escape count?) It is something I wore, though! …But before you scroll down, please know that what follows are multiple pictures of me in my knickers! If that’s not […]


Love & Sequins Sale Ends In Three Hours!

07.25.2010 · miscellaneous

Bonjour! Just un petit reminder that if you wanted to pick up a couple of Love & Sequins chapters for half-price — or even go WILD & score an entire subscription for half-price — you only have three hours left! It’s great for listening to on plane or train rides, as you walk around the […]


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Carousel: Week Ending 23rd July 2010

07.23.2010 · carousel

Kylie Minogue by Ellen Von Unwerth.I have used this photo before, but it’s one of my favourites ever! So there! Tell your girl to hook link it up!(If she got a friend, homie, tell your girl to hook it up!) Here’s my pick of the week’s best content. Enjoy some internet nomadism & have a […]


Major Mega Supreme Love & Sequins Sale!

07.22.2010 · miscellaneous

My bunnies! To celebrate the mega-excitement of Love & Sequins #10 going live SUPER-SOON, I’m having a HALF-PRICE SALE on ALL chapters &, wait for it, full subscriptions! This is the biggest, best sale I’ve ever had! Prices have been slashed in half, bringing individual chapters down to $6 each (WHAT!) & year-long subscriptions to […]


Things I Love Thursday

It’s just a quickie this week, as I’m running around like a madwoman putting the final touches on Love & Sequins #10! (Oh, what a gal was Quickie!) Here’s my lil’ list of LURVE! All my lovin’!(I will give to yoooooou!) Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss (satin smooth & plump deliciousness!); limited edition Betsey […]


Love & Sequins #10 Is Coming!

07.21.2010 · miscellaneous

My darlings, I’m sorry it has been a little quiet around here! I am super-hard at work on Love & Sequins #10: International Playgirls Unlimited! It’s all about travelling in style, romance on foreign shores, how to stay chic & sane on a 30-hour flight & much more! It will be available & sitting pretty […]


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