…More Ways To Prepare Yourself For 2012!

...More Ways To Prepare Yourself For 2012!

Empty your rubbish bins Buy two big bunches of beautiful, fresh flowers & display them prominently in your living room & bedroom Change your bedding (in our case, we’ll be making the bed up with a slew of SUPER-CUTE stuff from Wake Up Frankie!) Do a load of laundry & all your dishes Give yourself a very sparkly, very magical manicure Change the pictures hanging on your walls & put new photos up on your fridge Switch up the rotation of magazines & books on your coffee-table Reply to all your correspondence (Christmas cards, email, Facebook messages, et al…) Charge your camera & cellphone batteries for tonight! Give yourself a glamourous glittery eye (& there are millions of other great Youtube tutorials to choose from — just search!) Go to a party store & stock up on sparklers! Put a condom in your purse — even if you don’t need it, one of your friends might! Write down all the things you’d like to leave behind in 2011, then burn it in a ceremonious fashion Show up at your evening festivities with a bottle of something — never go anywhere empty-handed! Make a wish at midnight!


10 Fantastic Ways To Get Ready for 2012!

12.30.2011 · lifestyle

There’s something lovely about launching into a new year with a fresh attitude, & this can be massively helped by taking a little bit of action. Here are a few ideas to assist you in making 2012 your best year ever! 1. Clear out your Google reader, cull your Facebook & Twitter friends, & unsubscribe […]


I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas… With THE CLEAN PROGRAM!

12.29.2011 · sponsored

If you’re anything like me, at the end of the year, you really take your eye off the ball when it comes to what you’re eating… & consequently, how good you’re feeling! I’ve been baking cookies & making Marshmallow Fluff-infused fudge like it’s going out of style, & in a house of two, you can […]


I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas… With BLOODMILK!

I believe in wearing jewellery which means something to you. I don’t see a a necklace or a ring as a simple piece of adornment — though, of course, it can be. To me, it is symbolic. In an ideal world, a piece of jewellery is beautiful on its own, but when infused with the […]


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2011: The Year In Review!

· gala

Instax photos on the Champs-Élysées; a mirror portrait; bed-jumping in Paris; backstage at Betsey Johnson; trapeze classes; sharing a shake at Swingers in Los Angeles & making faces in Union Square! As the year draws to a close, one of my favourite things to do is look back on everything that happened. Perhaps it’s my […]


I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas… With BETSEY JOHNSON!

12.27.2011 · sponsored

Joyeux Après Noël! I hope you had amazing holidays, but even if you didn’t get your dream gift, I still have plenty of fabulous things to give away! Fingers crossed that you’ll win something wonderful… Up for grabs today is a black (not pink as pictured!) Betsey Johnson Double The Love cross-body bag! It’s so […]


Carousel: Happy Holidays!

12.26.2011 · carousel

Happy holidays! No matter where you are in the world, or what you might have celebrated these last few days, I hope it was absolutely magnificent & that you enjoyed yourself! I’m in super-wind-down mode before the excitement of the new year kicks in, so this Carousel is a few days late. I figured it’s […]


I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas… With SOLESTRUCK!

12.22.2011 · sponsored

Calling all shoe lovers… ! Today I have a VERY special treat for you. I’ve teamed up with my favourite online shoe store — Solestruck.com — to give away a pair of shoes to one clever minx! It’s true that most of our giveaways this month have been fairly simple, mostly of the leave a […]


Treasure Hunting At T.J. Maxx!

Gold & pink glitter Betsey Johnson heels! I headed back to T.J. Maxx on Tuesday, to search for some items to spice up a holiday outfit! It’s Christmas on Sunday — I can barely believe it! — & then New Year’s Eve the following Saturday. I think New Year’s Eve is even more exciting to […]


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