50 Things To Do Before Winter Ends

Freezing your toosh off? Feeling the urge to just sit around & grizzle about the weather? Shape up, cutie! Try doing these instead!

Find yourself a perfect red lipstick

Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights

Buy yourself an amazing bathrobe to lounge in

Start wearing multiple pairs of ripped stockings layered over each other

Bundle up & go for long night-time walks with someone cute

Drink more juice

Learn how to knit & make yourself an assortment of fabulous hats & scarves

Cultivate armpit hair (I think it’s kind of cute)

Stick jewels all over your library card

Prepare an enormous feast for your closest friends

Spend an entire weekend watching a box set of your favourite show

Make an effort to get out of the house every Sunday & go for a big breakfast

Hold hands with someone while you sleep

Wear a coat with a huge collar & pretend you’re a superhero in disguise

Guard against the dreaded lizard-skin by moisturising regularly!

Perfect a hot chocolate recipe

Tell ghost stories around a crackling fire

Buy a pair of hilarious slippers (preferably with a face on!)

Smile all the way to work — people will either smile back or think you’re mental. Either way, what bliss!

Cultivate a fabulous stocking collection & use them to dress up simple outfits

Go to the ballet

Yawn as often as you like

Give up smoking (huddling in the rain is no fun)

Procure a pair of ultra-cute mittens on a string

Allow yourself lots of quiet, dimly-lit alone time

Buy watercolours & a Moleskine notebook & go wild

Eat mashed potatoes

Carry a hot water bottle everywhere (I have a turquoise one which matches a lot of my clothing…)

Fall asleep to The Beatles

Dress up like a Eurotrash snow bunny

Make a fort

Read trashy novels in bed

Write long letters to your favourite people (even if they live nearby)

Buy an incredible umbrella

Choreograph dances in your living room to stay warm!

Wear ruffle-butt panties

Book a session in an isolation tank

Fill a huge glass jar in your living room with sweets

Wear a hoodie (with the hood pulled up) to sleep in

Buy an enormous fluffy rug

Imagine yourself sleeping on a big cloud

Reclaim old personality traits which have been trampled into oblivion

Find yourself a magical talisman

Listen to Fiona Apple & Elliott Smith over & over until you know all the words

Make a huge bowl of vegetarian chilli

Go ski-ing, stay in a chalet & wear an elaborate knitted jersey!

Watch Charlie Chaplin movies

Pick a new hero

Wear leg-warmers

Think about where you would like to spend your next winter!


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