2012: A Year In Review…

What a bloody mad & fabulous year it’s been. I just looked back through my photos from 2012 & it’s all quite astounding. Sometimes you don’t realise exactly how much you’ve done until it’s all over!

So let’s do a little recap, shall we?

Mike & I rang in the new year in all our finery, which of course included mouse ears (for me, at least!).

Shortly afterwards, I flew to Salt Lake City to speak at Alt Summit. It was my first time there, & I was so delighted by the whole thing. What a fun event… & great vintage shopping, too! (I bought this leopard coat there & proceeded to wear it all year!)

That same month, I was featured on the cover of a Japanese magazine!

I dyed my hair black just in time to speak at Social Media Week in New York City…

…& promptly flew to Las Vegas to get into plenty of trouble with Kat & Shauna!

We had good times at Circus Circus…

…& hanging out on the back of an Airstream, of course!

I flew to Pittsburgh & spoke about radical self love at TEDxCMU. Do you think I’m the only speaker at a TED event to wear ears in my official photograph?!

Rachel & I went to Queens to celebrate Holi… It was messy & marvellous.

Mike, Fumi, Asami & I all rode over to Brooklyn to to celebrate spring.

Kat came to NYC just as the weather started to pick up.

We spent an incredible day with the babes from Made U Look Photography, & most importantly, introduced them to the glory of the Salty Pimp ice-cream!


We LOVE them & can’t wait to see them again soon!

Kat had barely gone home before I jumped on a plane & met Shauna in Santa Monica!

We had a great time riding bikes, doing poolside yoga, going for walks at the beach, & rejecting one another’s advances… !

(Incidentally, this was one of my favourite manicures of the year.)

I jumped on a bed for a campaign with alice + olivia, & got to eat a lot of ice-cream in the process.

Then I flew to San Francisco with a gaggle of bloggers for a fantastic weekend with art.com. They treated us like rockstars, & I started to see the appeal of the city by the bay…

I was appointed Beauty & Style Editor at xoJane.com, & going into the office to see the girls has become a highlight of my week. They are so cute!

At the height of summer, my husband & I celebrated one year of marriage. Amazing!

My parents came to NYC for a week; I made my mother pose with me on this Alice in Wonderland statue!

I got all dressed up & hosted a Fashion’s Night Out event with Swarovski… I think I need this couch in my life!

I was featured in a 12-page spread in Ink Fashion. It took two days to shoot, but it was super-fun.

A week after my birthday, I flew to New Orleans for a few days with my BFF from Australia. I totally fell in love with the place…. & I can’t wait to see Jess again soon!

I was on the cover of Her magazine in New Zealand… & the feature was pretty fantastic, too!

Shauna, Kat & Lisa all came back to New York, & we held our very first Blogcademy event. It was a raging success & we had an unbelievably great time doing it!

I partied with will.i.am…

…& that’s not even half of it! PHEW. No wonder I’m so pooped!

I’m so excited about 2013, & as such, I’m taking some time off before kicking back into gear again. I’ll be back on the 1st of January, but of course, I’ll still be tweeting up a storm!

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. 2013 is going to be absolutely amazing for all of us. I promise!

Have a beautiful new year’s eve!


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