60 British Babes Walk Into A Room…

The Blogcademy: London

London, you delight us every time. You are always the most eccentric, the most enthusiastic, and you make us laugh until we cry. We know you’ll turn it out. And of course, you did.

We’re always staggered by the amount of wonderful women we meet at The Blogcademy: it seems like they all come crawling out of the woodwork to descend upon class. What a blessing! What a babefest!

I mean, just look at these lovelies!

The Blogcademy: LondonLynsay won one of our scholarships and we’re so glad she could join us!

The Blogcademy: LondonHolly Wood: best name ever.

The Blogcademy: LondonYes, everyone who comes to class has to wear the ears.

The Blogcademy: LondonLoving the colours!

The Blogcademy: LondonToo cute.

The Blogcademy: LondonDavid papped me while I was giving Lydia some blog feedback!

The Blogcademy: LondonJocelina and Sara are awesome.

The Blogcademy: LondonClick click!

The Blogcademy: LondonEating candy and giggling are essential activities.

The Blogcademy: LondonNicole is a gem.

The Blogcademy: LondonShell can always be counted on for colour and a killer smile!

Our sponsors killed it…

The Blogcademy: LondonA goodie bag with a view! It was full to the brim…

The Blogcademy: LondonOur blogcadettes clipped on a bit o’ bling with these gorgeous chevron teal bows by AlternateNormality.

The Blogcademy: LondonThere are no excuses for forgetting about social media with these tweet ceramic heart brooches by Love & Lovelier Ceramics!

The Blogcademy: LondonFifi was a star student, and she was pretty happy about her sparkly star necklace by Headfull of Feathers!

The Blogcademy: LondonHalfway through the day, we had a visit from Old Fashioned Sweet Cart!

The Blogcademy: LondonPerfectly on-brand tie-up scarves were supplied by Remixed by Jackie.

The Blogcademy: LondonShauna, Kat and I haven’t taken off our believe, faith, love and hope bracelets from Junk Jewels (and we suspect our blogcadettes haven’t, either).

The Blogcademy: LondonThe space was filled with intensely beautiful flower arrangements by Wildabout.

The Blogcademy: LondonOur babes were delighted to receive a copy of Reeta Krishna’s WordPress For Beginners book… Now they’ll all be WordPress geniuses!

The Blogcademy: LondonCurtain Road was decked out with brilliant signs, enormous picture-frames and gorgeous decor by Scene Setter.

The Blogcademy: LondonThis frame was a huge hit!

The Blogcademy: LondonEars were, as always, produced by one of our favourite companies, Crown and Glory (and you can even see the brains behind Crown and Glory, Sophie and Gareth, in the background!).

…And we had very colourful class photos.

The Blogcademy: LondonClass one!

The Blogcademy: LondonClass two!

And of course, we’re doing it all over again in a month’s time… Brisbane and Melbourne are 100% sold out, but we have a few spaces left in Auckland! We also give away a scholarship spot to each city, so be sure to submit yours on our Facebook page! (The deadline is Saturday the 5th of October for Brisbane, Wednesday the 9th of October for Melbourne, and Saturday the 12th of October for Auckland!) Come along and join the fun…

Photos from class one were taken by Alexa Loy, and photos of class two were taken by David McNeil. We love them both SO much!


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