Things I Love Thursday: Crazy For Queensland!

Things I Love Thursday

This time last week, I was bundling up in a sweatshirt, walking the dogs and putting the finishing touches on my suitcase back in NYC. Today, I’m writing this from a day-bed beside the private pool at our #bloggermansion in Port Douglas. Spoiled rotten, for sure.

Kat, Shauna and I touched down in Brisbane on Sunday, and after a day at the spa, we were on the go, experiencing the best of what Queensland has to offer. From cuddling koalas to riding rollercoasters, surfing lessons to bicycle rides along the beach, jungle surfing to snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, it has been an incredible whirlwind. We’re all feeling so, so thankful right now, and kind of stunned. What did we do to warrant this sort of treatment?!

I have so much to share from our trip so far, and I will go into it in super-detail as soon as I can! For now, I just wanted to give you a taste… (And remember, you can always follow my almost-instant updates on Instagram!)

Things I Love ThursdayI’m wearing Truly Madly Deeply’s Noir shirt and the Full Swing maxi skirt by Nastygal.

Today, which is Friday for us, we head back to Brisbane and I’ll basically be bouncing straight out of my hotel and over to the Radical Self Love event. I’m beyond excited to meet a room full of you radical self love warriors and give out a whole lot of hugs! Then, on Saturday and Sunday, we’re teaching The Blogcademy, before heading off to Melbourne for a class down there!

Suffice to say, our schedules are jam-packed… But we’re absolutely loving it. I had no idea how truly gorgeous Queensland is!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Being back with my babes again This 90’s mixtape (perfect for listening to poolside at the #bloggermansion) Feeling healthy and strong (and working out in the mornings!) Hot showers with great water pressure Surfing!!! I even stood up! Looking forward to seeing Jess, Jennie and Helen, my babes Sunset sailing Looking up at the stars and seeing Venus shining so brightly Coconut palm trees and mango trees just growing on the beach and on the streets Climbing into bed with Kat and Shauna in the morning Making tea and coffee for everyone when we wake up Asking a million questions all the time Salt water and fresh sea breezes “Too easy!” Katy Perry’s PRISM Skypeing with Mike Getting whipped into a frenzy over the design and awesomeness of all the QT hotels Sleeping reeeally hard Grilled salmon and chefs who make you apple crumble, just because Dancing devils Wearing false eyelashes while surfing Ziplining through the rainforest and flipping upside down! Raspberry ice-blocks Being really appreciative, all the time

Things I Love Thursday

“I sincerely believe that energy grows from itself and the more energy you expand the more you create within yourself. I also believe that energy is habit — which can be created quite easily. In other words, use your energy and more energy flows and then it is very hard to stop it — as if one would ever want to!” (Diana Vreeland)

Full of love,

Photos by the brilliant and talented Janneke Storm.


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