5 Things I Learned From Make Up For Ever’s Director Of Artistry

5 Things I Learned From Make Up For Ever's Director Of Artistry


When MAKE UP FOR EVER asked me to pick an icon from the past, my immediate instinct was Elizabeth Taylor. Tempestuous, eccentric, and as famous for her flashing violet eyes as her jewellery collection, she’s one celebrity I find fascinating.

Elizabeth Taylor was an incredible woman, and not just because of her multiple husbands, odd friendship with Michael Jackson, or the fact that she once won “Most Memorable Eyebrows” in a magazine poll. She was a fantastic philanthropist — her AIDS organisation, AMFAR, raised $83 million dollars in twelve years — and she was truly beautiful. I always loved her look of dark hair with pale skin and bright eyes, which is why she was the clear choice for my #makeupforevericons shoot.

“One problem with people who have no vices is that they’re pretty sure to have some annoying virtues.” (Elizabeth Taylor)

5 Things I Learned From Make Up For Ever's Director Of Artistry


As soon as I locked eyes with Lihja Stewart, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Director of Education and Artistry, I knew I had met a kindred spirit. With killer winged eyeliner and bold, colourful tattoos, it was clear that I was in good hands.

While Lihja transformed me into Elizabeth Taylor, I couldn’t resist asking her endless questions about what she was doing, and why. It’s only fair of me to share her top tips with you!

When concealing under-eye circles, don’t cover too large an area. Concealer brightens and attracts attention, so if you have lines at the inner corner of your eye, don’t put concealer there!

Try using colour along your waterline! Lihja used the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Matic eyeshadow pencil in Iridescent Electric Blue to make my lower waterline POP like mad!

For an easy, natural look, sweep a little bronzer along your eyelid crease. You’ll look like you just came back from the South of France: the picture of health, my love!

When you do your eyebrows, start at the point of your eyebrow where you’d like the most emphasis. That’s where you will deposit the most colour. In my case, Lihja started at the arch of my eyebrow, and worked backwards from there.

Want to keep your make-up on all night? MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix is a spray which promises wicked hold. (It kept my face intact all through a gruelling gym session. Oh yes, I’m that girl lifting weights in false lashes!)


5 Things I Learned From Make Up For Ever's Director Of Artistry

Don’t worry: when I show you my “how-to” video, you’ll learn a whole lot of new tricks! I can’t wait to show you how we created my modern Cleopatra look.

Love and violet eyes,

This post was made possible with the assistance of MAKE UP FOR EVER and Style Coalition.


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