Things I Love Thursday: Groeten Uit Amsterdam!

Groeten uit Amsterdam! We arrived in Holland yesterday, after an incredible few days in Berlin. We adventured as far and wide as we could, but feel like we barely even scraped the surface of Berlin. The love affair is in full effect! I was so sad to leave! (New dream: go back every year. Yes, please!)

Today, we’re out and about, soaking up the best of what Amsterdam has to offer. We don’t really have a plan beyond going wherever the wind blows us… I can’t wait!


On the love-o-meter lately… Fizzy apple juice! Getting re-obsessed with Filofax diaries (look out 2015, I’m comin’ to get ya!) Going a little bit crazy on the stationery floor at KaDeWe Walking around Prenzlauer Berg on a gorgeous day Sideways photobooths! Stopping off for ice-cream all the time Very loud yacht rock sing-a-longs in our Berlin apartment Buying silly t-shirts (see below!)  Partying with our Blogcademy babes at our London mixer Finding disco balls in the garden (because, of course) Looking out the window of our place in Berlin to see that our neighbours had a treehouse and a trampoline Reading about emotional vampires  Despite my t-shirt, practicing my German as much as possible  Walking along the East Side Gallery  Stumbling upon a miniature greenhouse within a Mercedes-Benz dealership  Emergency trips to a local cafe for tea and other essentials! 

life is too short to learn german

This weekend, we’re teaching our last European class (Amsterdam) for the year. It’s pretty packed, but if you want to squeeze in, we can make that happen! We’d love you to join us to throw confetti, get some top-notch blogging education, and have a damn good time to boot!

Crazy to think that my next Things I Love Thursday will come from NYC. We’re having the time of our lives in Europe, but I can’t wait to get back to the city to see my man and our puppies.  I miss them like mad!


Top photo by Shell De Mar. She is the best!