Celebrate! It’s An End Of Summer Sale!

Hooray! It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S.A., and summer is winding down. Soon, it’ll be time to bust out those cashmere sweaters, mugs of hot chocolate, and your favourite pair of ankle boots. All I can say about that is hell yeah!

To celebrate, I’m throwing an end of summer sale. From today through Monday, my online courses and Pep Talks are cheap cheap cheap!


Radical Self Love Letters: 365 Edition is a collection of love letters from me to you. You’ll get one every day until this time next year (!), giving you ideas of ways to work on your self-love and to increase your happiness. It’s only $50 for the whole year!



Pep Talks are exactly that: MP3s on various subjects, with plenty of guidance, encouragement and support. They’re normally $7, and this weekend they’re only $5. They’re an instant download, and you can listen to them, well, forever!



Radical Self Love Bible School is three months of prompts to keep you focussed on your radical self love journey, and even better, it’s super-creative. Every Sunday, you’ll get an email with photos from my own Bible, plus oodles of ideas and suggestions. At the end of the three month period, you’ll have a bulging sketchbook that you can look back at and refer to whenever you’re feeling blue. Bible School is usually $20, and now it’s $10!



DARE/DREAM/DO is a 30 day email course which will teach you how to kick fear’s ass, dream really big, and — most crucially — put all those dreams into action! It’s one of my most popular products for a reason: it really, really works. DARE/DREAM/DO is ordinarily $20, and this weekend, it’s only $10. Hello, bargain!


This is an awesome opportunity to start taking action on LOVING YOURSELF truly, madly, deeply. With a little guidance and a whole lot of encouragement, I know you can do it!

The sale ends on Monday, so act quickly! As always, if you have any questions, Twitter is the best place to ask ’em.

I love you! Have an amazing weekend!

Photo by Shell De Mar.


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