Carousel: Signs That You’re A Witch, And How Not To Die While Chasing Your Dreams!

Hello from Sydney! We arrived on Monday, and spent a couple of days warming our bones on Bondi Beach, which was just about perfect. Last night was the Radical End-Of-Year Party, which was a huge success — I’ll be posting about it soon! This weekend, we teach The Blogcademy before heading off to Melbourne and Auckland to do the same. (Want a last minute ticket? We can squeeze you in!)

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I can’t believe this is the second-to-last Carousel of the year! My goodness. I hope it keeps you busy…

How hillbilly reality TV got way too real. TLC cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and this is why. It ain’t pretty.

On writing about racism. By the same author, a beautiful piece on kindness and his mother.

It’s easy to respond to a broken heart with a devastating comment, one that cuts so deeply because you know everything about the person to whom you’re speaking, including the exact thing to say to crush them. It’s easy to be a racist. Tapping into the darker recesses of your lizard brain in order to live a life unencumbered by self-examination or regard for others is simple because it’s reflexive, like throwing a punch, like stealing Monopoly money from the bank when your little sister isn’t looking. Conversely, waking up each day and devoting yourself to being kind, even and especially to people who are not kind to you, is actually incredibly difficult. It is arduous and deliberate work, and the doing of it will at times make you feel small and foolish. What’s more, in the end, it will on its own merits almost never yield a person awards or honors or riches.

The secret to success is bitchniess. A very clickbait-y title, for sure. But I don’t know if “bitchiness” is the secret to success. Maybe just “telling it straight”?

I love, love, love this: Molly Crabapple’s 14 rules for creative success in the Internet age. Read and learn.

Here’s a fantastic interview with photographer Clayton Cubitt.

Netflix is developing Lemony Snicket into a series! AHHHHH! Excitement!

Mystic Medusa’s ‘Dating The Zodiac’ series is hilarious. The comments just slay me. Here’s Dating The Zodiac: Scorpio. I sent this one to my (Scorpio) ex… It’s amazing! And here’s the Sagittarius version. I have a lot of Sag in my chart so this cracks me up!

Getting comfortable is the death of growth. Staying Is Settling: Why You Need To Move At Least 5 Times In Your Life.

OMG. What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Social Media Habits. I thought this was so, so funny… And spot-on!

I did an interview with Living From The Inside Out about manifesting, intuition, and dissolving the blocks that hold you back from your dream life.

Here’s a case for bringing back the residential hotel.

My amazing friend, stylist and interior decorator Tiffany Pratt, did a talk at Creative Mornings and it’s pretty damn great.

I got totally lost in the Britneyverse a few weeks ago. Did you know she basically has no legal rights? Miss American Dream and It’s Not Britney, Bitch.

13 signs you’re a witch! Shock! Horror!


Millennials don’t own televisions. Well, millennial females don’t, anyway.

Words are like magnets. Here’s how Alex met the love of her life.

There’s a new prudery in feminism and I hate it.

I want no part in any feminism that takes, ‘We know what’s best for you,’ as its starting point.

Well, this is amazing: One Star Review. The best of the worst!

Veronica Varlow, persistent dream-chaser, wrote this one: How To Not Die While Going After Your Biggest Dream. She’s a goodie, that girl!

New York women draw their own boobs.

Here’s 30 famous women on overcoming their insecurities.

“Society paints this picture where you have to have the longest hair and the thinnest body and you can’t help but want to be that beautiful person you see on that picture. But then you have to start asking yourself the question — Is that realistic for you? I began to ask myself those questions: Who am I working out for? Who am I looking good for? When I look in the mirror who do I want to please? Do I want to please people or do I want to please Mary first? So I began to want to please myself first. I can’t please everybody. I can’t be the slimmest girl. Be the best you that you can be.” — Mary J. Blige

Inventing a Drybar for Meditation. Otherwise known as, a meditation studio that you can walk into feeling icky and walk out feeling uncluttered and amazing.

My beautiful magical babe, Paige Zaferiou, wrote The Sacred Anti-Depression Toolbox, and it’s gorgeous.

If you want to stop taking the Pill, here’s a step-by-step guide.

How do you create a clear brand and message when you love to do so many different things? (You can’t.)

The Laughing Medusa, aka Sarah, wrote a great piece called Adventures In Self-Love: Don’t Be Such A Drama Queen. She’s right: being a drama addict is the antithesis of loving yourself. Check out her tips to step away from the dramz!

It’s okay to tell your abortion story. Some women just don’t want to be pregnant.

13 year old boy comes out to his best friend, best friend melts the internet with cuteness.

Teach people how to treat you. How to write clear, loving policies for your business & life. Amen, Alex, amen.

Listening to sad music is depressing, but it’s also healthy and good for your mind.

Richard Branson on how to run two businesses at once.

Are you a love addict? Dr Drew and Jill Vermeire can tell you! There are also some tips on making a long-distance relationship work… Might be useful for some of you!

21 NYC Women Confess the Dumbest Thing They Spend Their Money On.

Wow. Someone invented a pill to make your farts smell like roses. Or chocolate!



I love this explanation from Beyonce about how perfection is the enemy, both in art and in our personal lives.



I can’t get enough of this video. So cute and funny!



Larry David, Madonna, and Ricky Gervais on The Marriage Ref. Weird and awesome!

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