Meet Me In The Midwest… Twice!

Meet Me In The Midwest!

Sweet ladies of the Midwest! I am so excited to be hitting up Lincoln, Nebraska for two excellent events in July! It’s gonna be a hot, radical self love-laden summer! Come out and join me, we’ll have the best time ever!

There are two events, which obviously means double your pleasure! Pick one or go wild and do both! (I absolutely cannot wait to give you a hug.)


I’m speaking at Rise Lincoln (on the rooftop of Olsson Associates!) on July 9th. Rise is a motivating series designed to connect the community of Lincoln’s women business leaders, where you can meet and be inspired by brilliant women just like you. We’re going to P-A-R-T-Y, celebrating you, celebrating us, and celebrating the dreams we’re turning into realities!

I’ll be giving you a huge spoonful of radical self love, and also talk to you about how I built my business and followed my dreams. Let it be known: you can build a business and still be good to yourself, honour your creativity, and rock it out!

Stay tuned to the Rise Lincoln Facebook page for updates and information!



As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I’m also holding a Radical Self Love Salon on July 11th at 7pm in the beautiful Goldenrod Pastries space on South 48th Street.

This will be a much more intimate event, complete with rituals and rose petals, meditation and magic. Tickets are $199. Bring your best friend and get ready for a truly beautiful evening.

If you’re wondering what exactly happens at a Radical Self Love Salon, get the details here!


Click the ticket to reserve your seat, and I’ll send you an email with more details!

Nebraska… I’m a-comin’!

Love ever,

Photo by Made U Look Photography.