My Weekend With The Midsummer Moon Coven (aka Witches In Woodstock)

Love goddesses, rituals in the river, mojo bags and hand-crafted incense… Making our own flower crowns and calling the corners… Pulling tarot cards and picnics on the grass. This was my weekend, and it was wonderful.

Any time spent with my friend Veronica Varlow is always intensely magical. Trust me when I say that this girl knows how to create an atmosphere! This past weekend was no exception. It was her annual Midsummer Moon Coven retreat, held upstate in her enchanting home in Woodstock. (Every window is a different shape, there are love spells poured into the foundations, and I always sleep in a secret room accessed through a fireplace.)

I couldn’t resist filming some of our adventures, and so here are a few highlights for you… Set to the sounds of Cocteau Twins, of course.


Magic always,


Nothing Is Promised: Treasuring The Love You Have

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