High Vibe Honey: Week Of 30th July 2018

Hello lovely, happy Sunday! Mercury just went retrograde (do you feel it?!) and Mars has been retrograde for a while, so suffice to say that this has been a time of some strong emotions and astrological undertow! That’s why this week’s High Vibe Honey is so needed, and just like always, the messages are perfect and right on time.

Again, I used Gabriella Rosie’s Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck and How To Deal tarot cards. I didn’t bring enough decks with me to LA… I need to go and buy some new ones!

To contend with our second card — which is a slightly tricky one, to be honest — our tapping is all around letting go of our need to control others so that we can be happy regardless of what they do. Ooooooooh! It’s powerful! When I rewatched it (and tapped along), I yawned like CRAZY. It was so necessary!

If you’re looking for some extra clarity and support, you can book a 1-on-1 High Vibe Honey session here! We pull cards, we talk about what’s going on for you, and we tap on whatever is really standing in your way. These sessions are super transformative and the results are wild, so if you’d like one, don’t be shy!

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Love always,


High Vibe Honey: Week Of 23rd July 2018

07.22.2018 · High Vibe Honey

Meow! Happy Sunday and hello from Los Angeles! This week, I sat in a beautiful garden as butterflies fluttered around me to record your High Vibe Honey. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by now, but yet again, the cards were glorious, and they’re a perfect continuation of what has been unfolding for the last […]


High Vibe Honey BONUS: Week Of 16th July 2018!

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Surprise! I have a little treat for you this week. In addition to the standard High Vibe Honey from Sunday, I pulled an extra card from the Vessel oracle deck which has a good and important message for you. Click below to see what it is! I hope this was helpful for you. It seemed […]


High Vibe Honey: Week Of 16th July 2018

07.15.2018 · High Vibe Honey

Hello beautiful, happy Sunday, and welcome to another High Vibe Honey! It’s your energetic reset for the week, because who doesn’t want a boost?! This week, I used the Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck by Gabriella Rosie, and the Holly Simple tarot deck. Support women artists and buy yourself one of each! As always, in addition […]


High Vibe Honey: Week Of 9th July 2018

07.08.2018 · High Vibe Honey

Hello sexyface, and happy Sunday! I had such a fun week: one of my best friends, Shauna, was visiting from Portland, and we had endless adventures. We walked miles, went to lots of art exhibits, consumed radical amounts of vegan food (and chocolate), laughed until we cried, hung out on rooftops, and wore false eyelashes […]


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High Vibe Honey: Week Of 2nd July 2018

07.01.2018 · High Vibe Honey

Hi gorgeous! Happy Sunday and welcome to another High Vibe Honey. When I was putting my wig on to record this, I discovered a whole bunch of LEAVES tangled in the back of it! Now, that’s how you know you’ve had an adventurous week! This episode I pulled cards from the How To Deal tarot […]


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