4th Grade TiLT

I received this email today, & it blew me away, so I had to share it with you.

“Ok, so you don’t know me but I am likely, nope surely one of your HUGEST fans. I have no idea how I discovered your blog, but I adore you. You are the cool kid I want to be. You have this touch that when I read something you write I get it, I juuuust get it. Anyway, I started a Things You Love Thursdays email to my friends and family. Really, I only have 22 people on my TiLT list. But it has exponentially EXPLODED into this thing where I get comments like “I look forward to your TiLTs Thursday mornings” and people are passing it on.

Yesterday I got an email that said that my girlfriend that I went to teaching university with was sharing this with her grade 4 class:

I do TiLT with my students every Thursday and they love it. Here are a few responses that I will share:

I love Video Game night on Thursdays

I like computer class

My 100% on a math test this week

watching new episodes of tv

my new chaotic cards


one more day until my birthday

curling starts next week

listening to music in class

tomorrow is Friday

carving pumpkins


we get creative writing on Thursdays instead of spelling

my Nanny McPhee book

it is almost halloween

I got to see my Aunty Linda in the hospital because she is dying of cancer

Today I got 6-8 emails back of TiLTs from some of my closest friends/family. The best part is that even people on my TiLT list that know none of my other friends and family hit “reply to all” so everyone gets the TiLT joy! They were fabulous!

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that you have inspired even us Canadians to be grateful and thank the universe for all of our blessings. So for this I thank YOU miss Gala beautiful! I have had the worst year of my life and I feel like your blog and your hilarious and wonderful take on life has inspired me to keep going! So thanks a super bunch!”

I am so filled with happy right now. & I swear, “bacon!!!!” is the best TiLT entry in the history of the universe! Consider this a late addition to my own TiLT!