50 Ways To Have A Very Un-Valentine’s Day!

50 Ways To Have A Very Un-Valentine's Day

I walked into Rite-Aid today & was horrified by the never-ending aisle of chocolates in tacky heart-shaped boxes, cheap teddybears & ugly tchotchkes. What could be less romantic than planning to be romantic?!

Two years ago, I wrote one of my most popular articles ever: Very Definitely Not Dinner & A Movie: 50 Alternative First Date Ideas! If you’re in a relationship, you might find something within that list that makes your Valentine’s Day a little less conventional & a little more cozy.

…But we’re not all in relationships. This one’s for all my single ladies… !

Yes ma’am! What follows are 50 ideas to make being solo not-so-sucky. In fact, being single is awesome… Embrace it!

Share it around, send it to your girlfriends or boyfriends, & enjoy the day!

Buy yourself a sex toy. My favourite is Jimmyjane’s Form 2. You will never need anything else, I promise! Spend the day relaxing. Put on a face mask, order some food & watch your favourite movies all night long. Go & get a massage… …Or reflexology… …Or a session of hypnosis… …Or a glittery gel manicure… …Or whatever else really makes you happy. Get really dressed up. Wear something fantastic on your head, like a flower crown or a pair of ears. Invite your BFF over for dinner, & have her/him spend the night. I love late nights & early mornings with friends. If you’re feeling bad, go for a really aggressive workout. Dance in public. Plan your perfect day, then go out & make it happen! Write love letters to all your closest friends. Buy yourself flowers… Not just today, but at least once a week! Clean your bedroom & rearrange it according to feng shui. Commit yourself to radical self love! Take a burlesque class, & smile at yourself while you shimmy in front of the mirror. Volunteer. Sleep in… & have wonderful dreams. Write a list of the things that make you fabulous. Stick it to your mirror & re-read it every morning. Bake heart-shaped cookies, write compliments on them in icing, & hand them out to your co-workers. Talk back to anyone who tells you “no”. Do a love spell. Celebrate the fact that you don’t have to compromise with someone else’s taste! Paint one wall of your apartment bright pink & delight in it. Buy a piece of art! Spend some time with a dog. Lounge around all day in a vintage slip, like a sultry sex kitten. Splurge. ‘Cause you’re an adult, & that means you get to do whatever you want! Take yourself out to brunch, like Skylar! Light candles & meditate. Start a magnificent project. Like Lady Gaga says, “Your career will never wake up one morning & tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.” A little cynical, perhaps, but she has a point. Invest in yourself! Re-read your favourite book. Wear bright pink lipstick. Drink champagne with your best friend & laugh until you cry. Write postcards to your long-lost buddies. Buy sky lanterns, make wishes & release them with your friends. Go on the hunt for your new signature scent. Decorate your bicycle! Wear a tutu. If not today, when?! Move on. Find a trampoline… & jump on it. A lot! Go to IKEA & buy yourself something to make your home a little more magical: fairy lights? A plant? Sequin cushions? Plan a trip to an amusement park with someone who makes you smile! Get rid of all that stuff your ex gave you. Get your tarot cards read. Start writing a journal. Read comics. Be your own valentine. Spend the day by yourself, doing whatever you want…

Have the best day ever. Tweet me & let me know what you get up to!

Eternal love,

Photo by Lisa Devlin.