8 Outfits & Ideas For The Perfect First Date

After months of shy coffee shop flirting, Fawn finally wore this to browse an art gallery with Mark. When they walked outside, their nervous conversation changed track & she gave him an impromptu tango lesson in the garden outside.

Joanna & Ashley spoke candidly, laughed loudly & shocked the waiter at an elegant bistro. They rounded off the evening with martinis at the bar & a sweet dessert with two forks.

Dulcea & Quentin, art students from Brighton, had a picnic by a pond, followed by an exuberant Japanese photobooth session.

Carmen & Charles went for a spin on her scooter, followed by a small feast of hot dogs & Coke by the river’s edge. When she found herself using a napkin instead of wiping her hands on her jeans, she realised she must really like him.

Farrell & Ruby went to a sushi train restaurant. After a bottle of sake, they sat closer than they needed to at an outdoor cinema.

Trent wore this to go with Karl to a poetry reading. Later, they talked about Nabokov, hands gesticulating wildly over a bottle of red wine.

James & Bambi ate vegetarian burgers in her car before checking out a warehouse party her friend was throwing. (When he took off his hoodie, Bambi — a big Yoko Ono fan — hugged him out of sheer delight.)

Nicholas took Violet to an underground hip-hop show, danced with her in the back of the room & watched as she fell in love with him.