A 12 Year Old, A Dog, And A Real Life Princess!

Our final American classes of the year were some of our favourites. One weekend we were in New York City, and the next we were in Washington D.C. (We took the train between the two cities, which was super fun and easy. Now I want to take the train everywhere! High five, Amtrak!)

Our class was generously sponsored by Rent PatinaThe Color Condition, and Love Grace, who supplied fantastic vintage furniture, enormous colourful streamer installations, and juice, respectively. Really, how can you not have a great time with a ginormous rainbow streamer wall behind you?!

New York — as always — was a class of characters, who had flown far and wide to join us. With an erotic painter, a career coach, the AstroTwins, and Jen Dziura in the mix, it couldn’t help but be a wicked mishmash of personalities!

Praise be to our smart, sexy, and oh-so-sassy interns, Latanya and Bethany, who came in from Connecticut and were worth their weight in GOLD.


I tried to talk Shauna into doing a rat on the NYC bag. She wasn’t having a bar of it! (Oh well. I did my best!) The Statue of Liberty is probably a more charming representative, anyway…


It’s always fun to teach across the bridge in Brooklyn, in a big, bright space!


During introductions, all eyes were on Francilla, who is from Rome, and has style to BURN!


I give props to the men who come along to our classes, especially when they come all the way from London, like this guy!




Sparkly ears help you think.


Latanya, we love you! (This babe came to our first ever class in NYC, and helped us out SO much this time around.)


We’re totally indebted to the geniuses at Love Grace for keeping us all hydrated and happy!


Our goodie bags were packed with lovely treats. This time we had sweet satin hair bows from Dark Pony Designs, turquoise head scarves from Remixed by Jacki, WordPress for Beginners books by Reeta Krishna, notebooks from Tigerlilly Quinn, tattoo transfers by Pepper Ink, decoden pill boxes from Luxy Loli, sterling silver jewellery from Sterling Forever, crochet scarves by The Pink Samurai, and of course glittery ears from Crown and Glory!


Nikki and Francilla have rockstar attitude on lock. Plus, Francilla was just featured in the New York Post!


New York state of mind!

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Can I tell you a secret? D.C. was one of our best classes of the year. We went into it with no expectations — none of us had been there before — and what we discovered was truly delightful. Kat and I spent a day roaming around Georgetown, noshing on Sweet Green and exclaiming over & Love pizza. We also checked out some monuments… Doing our tourist duty!

In D.C. we had our first dog student (Harpo), our youngest babe (Anna, age 12), and our first real live princess! (It was kind of a big deal. How often do you meet genuine royalty?!) Now, that’s not to say that the rest of our blogcadettes were boring, because they certainly weren’t. We taught a fire-spinner, several photographers, an astrologer, a musician, a life coach, and dozens of other wonderful women.

Erica assisted us, and she was a life-saver. Merci beaucoup mama!


I love this shot of Shauna teaching. Gorge!


Melanie was totally “on brand” for Blogcademy… And she sure knows how to model a graduation certificate!


This is our youngest ever student, Anna. She’s in the Girl Scouts, and they have a blogging badge now! (How amazing is that?!) We hope that after two days with us at Blogcademy, she went back to her troop and taught them all a thing or two!


Our still life segment is perfect after lunch: it keeps everyone perky and their brains engaged! Plus, anything that encourages you to crawl around with your camera is good for your creativity!



The Blogcademy D.C.

Thank you, Erica!


We’d love to have you! We’ll be in Los Angeles, Austin, London, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Sydney… And we won’t be adding any new cities to the roster! Come and learn, laugh, party, and — most crucially — grow your business!

With love,

Photos by Cheyenne Mojica and A Muse Photography.