A Friday Shopping Spree!

Support DIY geniuses by shopping through Etsy. (What else are you going to do the day before the weekend? Not WORK, surely?!) You can even browse by colour! (I am always a total sucker for rings & “paper goods“, whether that means journals, postcards, stationery sets or little origami cranes.) Here are some of my picks:

If you want to pin it on…
Vocabulary Buttons — mercurial, pedantic, craven & licentious!
More Buttons — “think more”, “feel more”, “love more” & “give more”.
Origami Button Packs — these would look beautiful with an all-black outfit or to add a touch of unexpected colour on a lapel or a bag. You get a pack of 5 & you can choose which ones you want!
Nancy Drew Pin — poison, skulls & book covers!

Finger decoration…
Posey Ring — I like the ones whch say “know thyself” & “frolic”, but you can also create your own. They’re thin enough to stack, so you could even have a sentence on a finger if you wanted!
Spot Of Tea Govna Ring — a little silver teacup, spoon included! So adorable.
Explosion Ring — pow! Ka-blooey! Wap! You get the picture. If you needed to punch someone, this ring would leave a very definite imprint. Ouch.
Typewriter Letter Ring — in any letter you want. Again, you could spell something out if you wanted. Like, um, “G – A – L – A”!
Cupcake Signet Ring — sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Les autres…
Moustache Rides Bottle Opener — when I get sick of the “moustache rides” motif, please shoot me. It will mean my time is up.
Recycling Bin Sketchbook — lots of different paper to doodle on, including envelopes, labels & old homework!