A Little Custom Art For Darling HQ…

Tiffany and I had only been at the Brooklyn Flea Market for half an hour when I spotted a tin sign of a heart with wings. It was unbelievably cute, but in its current state, it looked a bit too rustic for my tastes.

“Don’t worry!” Tiffany exclaimed. “I can Gala-ise that for you in no time.”

She’s a wonder, that one.

It didn’t take much: we made a quick trip to Michael’s for a can of pink tint spraypaint, some glitter, a couple of bags of multi-coloured gems, and some sparkly hot glue (this really exists!), and then Tiffany grabbed the sign and absconded. That night, an Instagram appeared which gave me heart palpitations… And the next day, she showed up at my apartment with her creation.


DEAR GOD. If there was ever a thing that summed up radical self love, this is it. A heart covered in jewels, with pink glitter wings to propel itself through the universe… Yes, yes, yes. YES.

I mean, how could I not be inspired with this hanging on the wall beside me?


I love it. It’s fantastic. It’s pink and sparkly and a little bit too much (just like me).

Amazing what a little glittery hot glue can do! Stay tuned for more of the quirky, weird and wonderful DIYs we’ll be whipping up to put the cherry on top of Darling HQ!