A Magical Astrology Retreat In Tulum…

Astrology Retreat With The Astrotwins

Last week, I traded my apartment in the East Village for a casita at Shambala Petit on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. The wail of sirens and the clanging of garbage trucks was replaced by the sound of the Caribbean kissing perfect white sand. Sweet ocean breezes cooled our flushed skin, peacocks strutted past, and we danced like goddesses every morning.

It was an amazing trip. I had flown down to Cancun, then driven two hours to Tulum to attend an astrology retreat held by the Astrotwins. We spent a week learning about the stars and planets, and how their cycles affect our lives. It was the perfect place to do so. In Tulum, the stars feel amplified, swimming in a deep, inky blue sky. As we worked magic, laughed and skinny-dipped in the ocean below, we were illuminated by the glow of the Moon and the sparkle of Venus.

I’m missing my star sisters so much, so I couldn’t resist making this little video of some of our adventures. (If you’re viewing this in your inbox, here’s the video link!)



Want to join us next year? I’m returning for more radical self love goodness (YES!) and so is my Virgo sister Kitty Cavalier (who will be teaching Qoya and sacred seduction). The dates are April 2nd through 8th 2016… Put it in your calendar and then email the Astrotwins to secure your spot!

See you there…

P.S. This is the last week of registration for Miracle Worker! On May 4th we’re jumping into 8 weeks of class to help you create a magical, meaningful career. Don’t forget to join us!

P.P.S. The song is Sleepwalking by Mariachi El Bronx.