A New Year’s Prayer…

A New Year's Prayer

2013: we reign supreme!

Last night, all across the world, we counted down the seconds until the clock ticked over. We kissed our lovers & friends, & toasted with overflowing glasses of bubbly pink champagne. We patted glitter onto our eyelids, we fluttered our false eyelashes, we slipped into those special shoes. Now, it’s here: it’s 2013, & it’s time to shine.

Let’s choose to make this year the perfect mix of work & relaxation; of magic & of mirth; of parties & personal down-time. Let’s keep the balance.

Let’s make the moments count. Let’s slow down, count our blessings, smile at our friends, & take lots of photos.

Let’s take huge risks & back them with immense faith. Let’s scare ourselves & do the so-called impossible.

Let’s resolve to get back on the horse, no matter how hard it kicks. We won’t be saddened by rejection or put off by a big endeavour. Let’s push further, work harder, & start with the most important task.

Let’s make a pledge to really reward ourselves this year. Let’s celebrate with abandon. Let’s keep champagne chilled in the fridge at all times!

Let’s gasp with delight, swoon with excitement, & laugh with happiness.

Let’s get more stamps in our passports!

It’s your year, baby!