A Summer Prayer…

A Summer Prayer...

On Saturday, I spotted my first cherry blossoms of the season… and it whipped me into a frenzy! The first day of spring (and Ostara!) is Wednesday: so close!

Even though it’s below freezing as I write this — and we’re supposed to get snow today — I can’t stop thinking about warm weather, and how I want my summer to be.

All of my favourite memories are from a time when it was warm, like getting caught in a blossom shower on the Upper East Side. Or walking around Greenwich Village at night, live music pounding and lights everywhere. Summer makes me think of never-ending views and evening light on rooftops, and riding a motorcycle with my husband all over the city.

I love the way spring stretches into summer. The days are long and languid, and fireflies light the night. It is my favourite time of year… And our wedding anniversary is smack-bang in the middle of it!

A Summer Prayer...Photo by Diddy Lux.

This summer, I want to wear short skirts and high heels, to pack a suitcase and drive off into the sunshine with my husband. I want to lie in the grass and take photos of the clouds. I want to wear bright pink lipstick and ultra-long eyelashes. I want to read tarot cards, dance in public, and carry my camera everywhere.

I want to celebrate Midsummer in a park. I want to grow flowers and herbs and keep freshly-made iced tea in the fridge. I want to make raw cacao smoothies and get a tan. I want to play in the surf, have salt-kissed hair, and wear sunglasses all the time.

I want to move into a new apartment with big windows. I want to light candles and worship the moon. I want to listen to songs that give me goosebumps all over my entire body. I want to work my way through a huge stack of books, sleep deeply, and write down my dreams…

Tell me: what are you wishing for this summer?

Blossom dreams,