A Turquoise Explosion

Polka-dot tulle, layers of frothy petticoats and a room full of velvet couches: these are the things dreams are made of. They are also the things I used to distract myself from a particularly cold day back in January!

It all came together quite serendipitously: Sassy emailed me from the U.K., and said something along the lines of, “I’m coming to New York City. I’d like to bring you a dress and shoot you in it. Are you interested?”

I looked around at my office and the grey snow outside. Was she offering me a chance to actually have fun again? I said yes in an instant!

When I arrived at Patina and saw this glorious creation by The Couture Company hanging up, I knew I was in for a day of delights! Jo took my measurements by email and used them — and some pictures of me for inspiration — to whip up this diaphonous, candy-coloured masterpiece.

If you ask me, nothing beats turquoise and baby pink (and those of you who have been with me since the beginning might remember that they were the colours of my first blog layout)!

This dress really speaks for itself. The corset was boned, splashed with pastel panels and cinched in with an embellished belt, and the frou-frou petticoats cascaded gently to the floor.

Patina is so cool. I wouldn’t mind having an enormous light-up arrow in my apartment! I spent some time lounging in various locations while Sassy played with her tilt-shift lens…

We were very fond of that lens, let me tell you!

Seriously, can the babes from Patina just come and decorate my entire life? They have the best collection of furniture, doo-dads, trinkets, and wonderful things you never knew you needed. (If you’re throwing a party or having a wedding, you should talk to them… And you should definitely investigate Patina x The Color Condition! Swoon!)

Then I threw on my leopard-print coat and motorcycle boots to go and check out the scene on the roof. Freezing cold? YES. Worth it? Definitely!

What a view! Best city ever…

Photos by Assassynation aka Sarah Lafford. Thanks to Patina for letting us use your gorgeous space!