A Very Pink Day In New York City!

Thursday was a very pink day in New York City!

On Thursday, my new friend Ben & I stepped out into the East Village on a grand adventure. This is our debut costume film! Watch the video above to see what’s been percolating in my brain for the last little while.

I’m so excited to present these costume films to you! I think it’s such a fun way of seeing someone else’s outfit — you get to see how the fabric moves, the way a dress is being worn & the life that’s being lived in it. We’re going to be doing these regularly, so stay tuned for more!

Costume Still

I was definitely having a pink moment on Thursday. When I was in Los Angeles, it seemed like every dress I tried on was pink, & I decided to go with it. Sometimes when you go shopping in L.A., you’re a little stunned when you get back to NYC, & you think, ‘God, I can’t wear this!’ The two cities have very distinctively different sartorial climates; what you can “get away with” on either coast is extremely disparate. But I came to a realisation about a month ago that the more pink I surrounded myself with, the better & happier I feel. So what if most people in NYC wear black? I want to wear pink! Constantly! So I am!

The first dress makes me think of a sexy 1960s stewardess, or Avon lady. It’s very waitress-y, & I love it because it’s so uniform-esque & quite unlike what I normally wear. With the addition of a skinny belt, it becomes more modern & transforms into a really easy, wearable, everyday dress.

The second dress is so Valley Of The Dolls! The faux-cummerbund made of irridescent sequins is too divine for words, & I love the way the fabric flutters in the wind. Both dresses came from Shareen Vintage in L.A.… Now you have even more reason to go there!

I wore both dresses with my new Betsey Johnson starburst pollys, which have pretty much not left my feet since I purchased them. They’re the p-e-r-f-e-c-t go-with-anything shoe, & they’re comfortable to boot!

Costume Still

Mammoth thanks to…
Ben Vogel for his brilliant filming & editing
Brit Woollard for her fantastic music (the song is Darling, Fetch Me My Hot Air Balloon)
Above Allen for granting us access to their wonderful rooftop
Dolly Darling for stealing the show!