A Weird Public Announcement

Dear nonpareils,

It feels really odd to be writing this in such a public forum, but I think it has to be done. So here goes.

While I was in New York, my relationship with Simon came to an end. There was no drama or insanity; it was just the right time. It’s a very strange feeling to be ending things with my best friend of 2 years. He is an amazing person & I wish him all the happiness in the world.

On Monday I’m flying back to Melbourne, where I am going to spend a couple of days going through my stuff. While I do that, I’m going to be staying with a friend — where my internet access will be limited. After that, I’m flying to Wellington to take an extended sabbatical while I wait for my immigration stuff to go through. My next stop is still New York, as planned… Except this time, I’m doing it alone! SQUEAL!

So if iCiNG is a little slow for the next week or so, I hope you understand that I really have my plate full right now getting my life in order! iCiNG is always my first priority but sometimes the day-to-day cannot be avoided!

Thanks for sticking with me & for understanding!