Accessories Du Jour: Sparkles & Ink

Sparkles & Ink

I went into Kate’s Paperie for the first time on Sunday, & almost had a heart attack of happy. While I was busy swooning over their selection of notebooks, glittery skeletons (Halloween!) & the fact that they have a photobooth in the middle of their store (!!!), I saw a stacked, colourful display which drew me in like a moth.

Small blue, green, pink, red, orange & yellow Campo Marzio Design boxes were piled high & left open to display their contents: beautiful pens. I am such a sucker for a great pen! I have wanted a fancy pen for a really long time, but cannot bring myself to lay down hundreds of dollars for one. (Plus, I find that they are never very fun-looking! Certainly not hundreds-of-dollars-worth-of-fun!) I turned the boxes over with trepidation, hoping they wouldn’t be exorbitantly expensive. Thankfully, they weren’t at all!

I ended up with two pens. The first is a thick, heavy, silver & black-striped ink pen. It’s gorgeous, & was $50. The second is a little more frivolous — & it’s the one I wanted to draw your attention to today. It’s pink & silver-striped, & it’s on a chain! You can pick one up for $35.

Why I love it:

It looks like a stick of rock candy!
It has multiple applications: You can wear it as a necklace, thread it around the handle of your bag, attach to your keys, etc.!
Now I have my own pen to sign receipts with!
Practical accessories make me nerd out!

You have to understand, I am one of those people who thinks it is wonderful when girls stick pencils in their hair.

Sparkles & Ink

The pen necklace looks fantastic paired with this chain & crystal contraption from Forever 21. I’ve been wearing them together & I love the combination. It makes me so happy… I’m jingly & sparkly & ready for ACTION!

Sparkles & Ink

Bits & pieces:
Leopard-print cardigan from PINK by Victoria’s Secret
Vintage oversized pink silk dress bought on eBay
White skull tank from H&M
Scarf from H&M
Crystal necklace from Forever 21
Pen necklace by Campo Marzio Design