An Assortment Of Spooky Goodies To Delight Your Inner Goth!

An Assortment Of Spooky Goodies To Delight Your Inner Goth

You know, if you grew up listening to Bauhaus & Sisters of Mercy, it never really leaves you. Even though you may have moved on from the dog collars, PVC & eye of horus make-up of yore, a certain dark sensibility still lingers…

Do you think back on your goth day with a sense of nostalgia? Did you read books by Anne Rice & Poppy Z. Brite? (An aside: you can’t possibly enjoy Twilight if you’ve previously been introduced to Zillah.) Do you remember sitting in your friend’s room underneath a huge Bauhaus poster? Did you carry a black bag containing cheap black lipstick, a tattered notebook & crystals from the metaphysical store? Were all your friends much older than you? Did they buy you a pair of padded leather handcuffs for your 15th birthday… ?!

Maybe teenage gothdom didn’t affect you, but it could have touched someone you know! Even if your friend with the impeccable eyeliner won’t admit to ever having flirted with a goth phase, here are some things that are a dead giveaway: An obsession with Rick Owens; a fondness for Dr Marten boots; excited sniffing of the air whenever anyone smoking a Clove walks past; owning not just MAC Cosmetics’ Carbon, but a whole assortment of eye-shadow in varying shades of black; a feeling of tenderness towards Robert Smith, & your accidental discovery of their secret stash of ankhs & crucifixes!

Like I said: it never really goes away.

Maybe it’s the winter-time & all those bare trees, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to goth it up. Just a little. Here are some of my favourite things from my recent window-shopping adventures, & here’s something to listen to while you peruse…

An Assortment Of Spooky Goodies To Delight Your Inner Goth

Sources: Pamela Love Antique Silver Cross Dagger Rosary; Charles Albert Skull Ring; Jessica Kagan Cushman Sugar & Spice Bangle; Alexis Bittar Druzy Droplet Gunmetal Bracelet; Jeffrey Campbell Revel; Marc by Marc Jacobs Dotty Snake Little Ukita Bag; Effy Collection Diamond Ring; Jeffrey Campbell Night Nail; Betsey Johnson Skull Boss Zip Around; Tom Binns Bejeweled Small Safety Pin Earrings; D&G Dolce & Gabbana Black Short Sleeve Lace Top; Pamela Love Small Pentagram Earrings; Betsey Johnson Lace Skull Clutch.

An Assortment Of Spooky Goodies To Delight Your Inner Goth

Sources: Gaga’s Workshop x Erickson Beamon Crystal Dangerous Liaisons Bracelet; ASOS Zatchels 13″ Satchel; Topshop Premium Black (Faux) Fur Chevron Coat; Yves Saint Laurent Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses; ASOS Cross Charms Ring; CC Skye Pave Stud Bracelet; Wolford Lace Art Tights; Topshop Dark Square Ring; Helmut Lang Asymmetric Knit Sweater; Gaga’s Workshop x Erickson Beamon Silver & Crystal Spike Drop Earring; ASOS Star Hard Case Clutch; Topshop Angst Tee By Tee And Cake; Topshop Stripe Full Circle Skirt; Japonesque Criss Cross Eyelashes; Iris Van Herpen X United Nude Iris Shoe Laced.

Maybe this treasury of “haute goth” items will reinvigorate your desire to go back to black! It’s so nice to see dark done so well. I think that goth done properly can look irresistibly chic & elegant. (Don’t hold onto that fishnet shirt forever!)

An Assortment Of Spooky Goodies To Delight Your Inner Goth

P.S. If you’re hankering for some “grown up goth” looks to emulate, some of my favourite dark dressers include Nubby Twiglet, Alicia Hannah Naomi & Nadia Bailey. (Babes.) This Pinterest board is gorgeous, too.

P.P.S. If you still get excited every time you hear The Cure playing in a store or public place, don’t worry: you’re not alone!