An Idea, Perfectly Illustrated

Hennie Haworth
Hennie Haworth is too fabulous!


I love this image. Here’s the direction my brain took it in…

Dress to thrill your inner child! Wear pretty dresses & big bows Neon hair & bright pink lipstick Super-high heels in candylicious colours Striped stockings & lacquered accessories Hair sprinkled with sweetly-scented talcum powder (which leaves a trail of dust in your wake) Confectionery colours worn together: pink & brown, shades of green, red & white Top yourself with a delicious head-piece — make a hat out of melted birthday candles or thread jelly babies into your hair Dress with the intention of delighting a stranger Cover yourself in glitter Turn gum-balls into accessories Tie a huge ribbon around your waist & consider yourself a gift to the universe Wear frilly ankle socks with stilettos Go boldly where no glamazon has gone before! Never shy away from having fun with fashion More petticoats! More, more! Think about layers — wear a fabulous bra, a suspender belt, adorable knickers, write a message on your stomach, then cover it all up with lace Encourage people to lick you! Offer candy to strangers Encourage people to stare! Think of life as a party Only wear skirts which billow out magnificently when you twirl around When you don’t feel like socialising, cover your head in whipped cream Salute the 90s in knee-socks Contemplate turning baking implements into awe-inspiring accoutrements Dress in a way which proves how much you love the world Nonpareils forever!

What does it conjure up in your mind?

P.S. Thanks to Kris Atomic, who always finds the very best things!