An International Dress-Up Party

After my article yesterday about dressing on theme, I’ve been thinking about forming an Army Of Style. Or a Fancy Procession. Or… something. (It needs a good name!)

Basically, my idea is that one day a month, anyone who wanted to be involved would dress in a way which incorporated a previously decided theme. The ultimate aim, other than having fun, would be to take a photo of yourself “on theme” & then I would publish all the pictures I received. Instant internet fame!

We would all talk about prospective themes & then choose the one that appealed most. It would be something weird with a bit of a twist but it would be open enough that it would be easy to interpret & work into your outfit any way you liked. (Say the theme was “your favourite artist” — you could dress to impersonate them or to resemble one of their pieces, or you could wear a button with their face on it, etc.!)

Would anyone be keen to join the ranks? Let me hear your thoughts! I think it would be SO much fun. Like an international dress-up party. A secret society! I love secret societies. I’m so excited!