Announcing… Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen!

Love & Sequins


If I could embed a marching band right here, I would. This is a GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT! I have been squirming in my seat for ages waiting to tell you about this, & finally, it’s time! This is the biggest thing I’ve done since the launch of iCiNG itself, & I’m so amped!

I’d like to introduce you to my new baby, Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen, a super-deluxe addition to the daily iCiNG we all know & love. It’s a monthly exploration & adventure delivered in podcast format, perfect for hunkering down to in your favourite place with a pair of beloved headphones.

I’m so excited about putting this together, & I can’t wait to share it with you! So what can you expect? Every month for the next 12 months I’ll be exploring various topics in lots of depth — an entire HOUR of my ridiculous accent each month! It’s a delicious mash-up of the best of my archived material, plus huge helpings of new, never-before-seen treasures. Some of you know this already, & some of you don’t, but my Next Big Thing ™ is a book — a definitive guide to living the iCiNG way. This is your chance to get the mega-early scoop, because an enormous portion of what will be covered is material written specifically for that. Yum yum!

Love & Sequins

I’ve been writing feature-length articles for iCiNG for over two years now, but I want to start getting more in-depth. This is my opportunity to do that — to go deeper & expand more — & I have so much to say!

What will I be talking about? Love! Style! Music! Creating your dream life! Sex! Travel! Entrepreneurship! Fashion! Metro-spirituality! Relationships! You’ll learn an arsenal of secrets to keeping a relationship fabulous, be given tips on how to start your own business, & find out how to be a better lover. We’ll discover your passions & create a grand, glorious plan for living your dreams, as well as talking about fun things like money, shoes, & travel. I’ll let you in on the personal exercises I use for visualisation, staying motivated & learning how to use astrology in your daily life. I’ll be interviewing amazing people & sharing my most exciting discoveries. It’s a combination of my all-time sweetest tips & tricks — like how to look picture perfect all the time, dealing with unrequited love, & escaping the world without going anywhere — with all the trimmings. Who loves ya, baby?! !

Recorded live in a handful of my favourite cities, like New York, Austin, Los Angeles & Las Vegas (yay!), each month we’ll cover a mix of subjects. & just like iCiNG, it will always be inspiring & invigorating with a view to helping spark up your love of life!

With Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen we’ll be moving together into the fabulous fast-lane of hyper-love & miracle-making — but of course, it’s totally optional. Everything you love about iCiNG will stay the same — & free, like it’s always been!


Want a demo? Of course you do! Here’s a minute-long sampler with some assorted clips!

Enough teasing. Keen?! (Me toooooooo! I can’t wait to kick this off!) You can choose your own adventure because there are 3 ways of doing it.

Option One: $12
Pay as you go. Only buy what you want, when you want it. I’ll send you a reminder to let you know when the latest one has been released, & you can pick it up as you go. Option one is $12 a pop.

Option Two: $10
Go for the one year subscription, but pay in instalments. You’ll be billed monthly at $10 — saving you $2 a month, or $24 for the full year.

Option Three: $7
Snap up the whole year for $84 (a whopping 12 hours of material!) & receive all of Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen. Your one-off payment will help me heaps in funding the project, & by way of saying a big sparkly thank you, the price drops to $7 a month. This saves you $5 a month, or $60 annually!

The first instalment of Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen will be released in April — yes, next month! You’ll be emailed a top secret download link as soon as it’s completed. I’ve done my very best to price this as fairly as possible — $10 is about what you pay for a mixed drink in New York City, or two mixed drinks in Austin, Texas! Ha! It’s probably less than your favourite foreign fashion magazine, & even better, no ads or tree-killin’!

I hope you’re as excited as I am. See you on the other side!