Argyle S.O.S.!

“I got an argyle sweater for Christmas from my uncle and it’s cashmere (my love) but my sister keeps asking me for it. I usually give her things that I don’t wear and well, I don’t wear argyle but I refuse to give it up to her. She keeps throwing at me the plain excuse that argyle isn’t for a girl with my style (my closet is full of handmade one of a kind pieces with sequins, tulle, crazy colors and crazy designs). I always know how to make something different, we’ve had same clothes a lot of times and I always made sure I looked different than she did. Therefore, I HAVE TO do the same this time. It’s been a month and half and I haven’t come up with any ideas. It’s like I have the equivalent of writer’s block for fashionistas! I need help. And I know that if you can’t come up with anything, then all hope is lost. If it helps the sweater is gray, the triangles are pale pink and white and a darker pink.”

Oh! You’re in luck. I LOVE argyle, & your sweater sounds gorgeous! Gray & pink cashmere, yum! I decided to plunge the depths of Polyvore & here’s what I came up with! I hope it sparks your synapses!

iCiNG loves argyle!

Argyle sweater worn with heart earrings, bangles by Jessica Kagan Cushman & a bright pink pashmina. Shimmy into some Superfine skinny jeans, a pink studded belt & strut your stuff in wild pink pumps!

iCiNG loves argyle!

Argyle sweater worn with D&G leather jacket, pink heart scarf (around neck or over head) & Vivienne Westwood asymmetric skirt. Accessorise with a fuschia clutch, Tom Ford sunglasses, pink lips & nails, a mirror ball necklace & a pink padlock cuff. Top off with hot boots like these Chloe leather ankle boots & you’re done!

iCiNG loves argyle!

Argyle sweater worn with grey shorts, net stripe stockings & a beautiful pair of Louboutins. Fill your fluoro shopper with colour-coordinated books & a pink purse, sling a cutie pie necklace around your neck & cover up with a fabulous coat!

Good luck showing your sister who’s boss!