Balenciaga Cowboy Boots

As well as having a mega-crush on the Balenciaga harness booties — of which the Sam Edelman knock-offs now sell for upwards of $500 on eBay — a little while later, in 2007, I fell hard for Balenciaga’s pull-on cowboy boots. I don’t know why they were called cowboy boots, because there’s really nothing very cowboy about them at all, but they had an evil pointed toe, a great shape & serious height.

Yesterday I went to TopShop, & while I was in their shoe department, I fell in love with a pair of boots that were so eerily similar that it could not have been a coincidence.

I think you know the rest of this story: I bought them.

Balenciaga cowboy boot knock-offs

What do you think? I think: doppelgängers. Separated at birth. I also think: hello, I am in love with you. Please never leave me. You are my new favourite pair of shoes & I will cherish you to the very end.

Balenciaga cowboy boot knock-offs


Also, when I wear these, I am 5’11”. HELL YES.