Become Your Own Superhero: 10 Questions To Help You Instantly Up-Level And Evolve

What an unusual year it’s been. I’ve moved through the stages of feeling stuck and uninspired, to feeling inspired and being afraid, to procrastinating, to taking action… And now on to fully owning my newest incarnation. HOT. I love it! From talking to you guys, I know that it’s not just me: many of you are in a similar place.

I believe the time has come for us to up-level in a serious way, and that requires a different mindset and some new habits. Since we’re already ankle-deep in Virgo season, and summer is almost over (I’ve been wearing a cozy grey sweatshirt to walk Cleo in the mornings!), it’s imperative that we ask ourselves some questions to get the most out of what we have left of 2017.

The goal? When you look back on 2017, you should think of it as a year in which you got some major things accomplished!

I’ve come up with some questions for you to ask yourself, survey-style, which will help you distill your vision and move forward. As I was putting them together, I couldn’t help thinking about that scene in Charlie’s Angels when Lucy Liu stalked into that corporation as an “efficiency expert” in an unbelievably tight latex outfit. As you’re answering these questions, if in doubt, channel that character!

1. What energy or attitude do I want to exemplify?
This could be one word (“radiant”) or a full-on paragraph: whatever you require to get yourself into the right state of mind. The only criteria is that the word or paragraph has to get you totally psyched! Take your time answering this, so the result is really juicy and potent. Don’t rush it!

2. What are the TOP THREE things I want to achieve before January 1st 2018?
For the sake of diversity, try to make one of these items work-related, one of them about your relationships, and another about your health. So maybe you want to finish the first draft of your book, get more comfortable stating your boundaries, and meditate five days a week. Sounds lovely!

3. In order to get the above items checked off my list, what do I need to say no to or temporarily sacrifice?
There are always distractions, but we need to reduce the unnecessary ones to get the best out of ourselves. Maybe your social life needs to take a back seat, for example. Perhaps you tell your partner that they need to cook dinner for a couple of months. Maybe you hire a babysitter, or give up your Netflix in bed habit.

4. In order to get the above items checked off my list, what do I need to say YES to?
In other words, what productivity-inducing habits or rituals do you need to pick up? Using the Pomodoro technique? Scheduling your entire day? Going to a co-working space? Drinking yerba mate? Hiring a coach, joining a mastermind, or finding an accountability partner?

5. Who do I need to reduce (or even cease) contact with?
As much as we love the people in our lives, some of them can make it hard to get shit done, whether because they’re too much fun, or on the flip-side, their negative vibes suck all the oxygen out of the room. Get clear about this and come up with a plan to ensure you get the space you need.

6. Who do I need to increase contact with?
It is not an exaggeration when you hear about becoming the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Make a list of your most fierce friends and start lining up coffee dates, co-working days, and inspirational dinners!

7. What time-wasting habits do I need to curb?
Playing video games, constantly refreshing Twitter (#guilty), constant online shopping? We all have our vices. Be honest with yourself and make a point of firstly noticing when you feel the urge to do it, and secondly, gently saying “No” and bringing your attention back to the task at hand. It takes practice, but there are little tricks. For example, if you cannot resist social media, put your phone in another room while you’re working! (This really does work.)

8. What ways of dressing do I need to abandon in order to be my best self?
Think back to question one. If you want to vibe as high as that, you have to become aware of your presentation. So maybe it’s time to quit wearing leggings all day every day. (Or maybe not! Just a suggestion.) The real question is, would your ideal self wear the things you knock around in most of the time?

9. What should I be wearing instead that will make me feel powerful and capable?
Now we’ve scratched a few items off the list, let’s think about what will fuel us and make us more fantastic. Our clothing absolutely affects our mood, our attitude, and the way the world responds to us. So, do you need more red lipstick? High heels? A stunning pair of bedazzled glasses? No judgment here: as long as it gets the job done, go for it!

10. What visual reminders will help me stay on track?
Do you need mantras on Post-It Notes? A psychedelic vision board? Thank you notes from your clients taped up above your desk? If your space supports your efforts, you can’t help but succeed.

Let’s make the rest of 2017 a parade of your awesomeness. Print out your answers and keep them on your desk so you can remember that there are things to be done!

You’ve got this!