Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!

Bonjour! I’m wearing a t-shirt with a fox face on it & listening to Amy Winehouse. I spent yesterday with my man, cleaning the house & sharing a lunch date at the laundromat before hitting the gym. Not the most glamorous day, granted, but anything can be fun if you go into it with the right attitude!

I’m definitely in end-of-year wind-down mode, & it feels fantastic. I’m getting my affairs in order for 2012, but at the same time, taking a loose, relaxed view of the rest of the month. It’s lovely. Where’s the thrill in being tightly-wound all the time?

My progress with the December activity guide is going swimmingly! How about you? Are you feeling festive yet? I baked malted chocolate chip cookies (they were INSANE), went ice-skating, & put up my tree… Like I mentioned, it’s hot pink & I have the lights on almost all the time! Last night, at Kmart, I picked up a gingerbread house kit, which is something I’ve NEVER done before! (I am so excited!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world!!!)

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!
Top: With Betsey & Lulu Johnson; mid-ice-skating with Rabbit; good lighting at the W!Bottom: Nouveau sunglasses c/o Elizabeth & James; with Deryck Todd; Mick Rock shooting Mark Ronson.

On Saturday, I met up with Rachel Rabbit White for a spot of ice-skating at The Standard, preceeded (& followed) by mega-rich hot chocolate from their Après Skate bar. We started out clutching onto one another as we slowly made our way around the rink, but before long, we picked up speed & were chatting about our embarrassing teenage escapades, evolving style with age & male gigolos!

On our way home, we stumbled upon a Kiehl’s with a FREE PHOTOBOOTH inside! Jackpot! (“Free” & “photobooth” have to be two of my favourite words!) Of course, we ran in & promptly hogged the machine by taking four strips of photos…

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!

By the way, if you do make it to The Standard’s ice-skating rink, I strongly recommend the dark hot chocolate with whipped cream & crushed peppermint candy-cane pieces. Rabbit had the peanut butter hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream & marshmallows, & was overwhelmed with delight!

Sunday was a pretty fantastic day too. We started out with brunch at Saxon + Parole (I had French toast with Nutella & bacon, oooomg), & then walked up to Union Square to see the Muppets movie. I can’t tell you how much I loved it! Also, I cried several times, because I am a huge baby. PERFECT!

Other things: I re-read the entirety of Dangerous Angels (favourite book) on my iPhone. It’s just as great as I remember. I also started playing Words With Friends, after resisting for about six months, & am — of course — totally hooked. Yes sir.

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!
One of my favourite things about this time of year in NYC is the Christmas trees lined up on the streets. The smell is incredible & they look divine.

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!
In a store on East 7th Street! Thank you for being a friend… ! (I think this would make an amazing gift for someone!)

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!
Big sunglasses at the laundromat = essential!

Alright — I have a big week ahead! Can you believe it’s Christmas next Sunday?! OH MY! So much to do! Better hop to it… !

Behind The Scenes: Ice-Skating & Late Night Photobooths!

P.S. Mercury retrograde ends tonight… HOORAY!


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