Betsey Johnson HQ: A Whirlwind Of Colour & Wonder!

Betsey Johnson's Studio

Want a sneak peek inside Betsey Johnson’s studio?

Of course you do! Well, you’re in luck, because last week, I was invited in for a tour (& a few giggles)! Click below to watch the video!

When we walked in, Betsey cried, “GALA!!!!” & came running over in her hot pink heels. We linked arms & paraded around the studio before she had to dash off to the dentist!

One of the first things you see is her showing us a bag that she was asked to decorate for the CFDA.

“I need to change this thing,” she said. “It’s beige & navy blue!”

The bag was spray-painted & covered in buttons, & will be on eBay in July as part of the CFDA’s effort to raise awareness against counterfeit goods & to promote original design! Here’s the final result!

Shortly thereafter, Stef — Betsey’s assistant — took us on a whirlwind tour of Betsey Johnson HQ. The place is huge, with a rabbit warren feel. There are corridors upon corridors, all painted a heart-stopping yellow or sweet PeptoBismol pink.

Stef’s story is pretty magnificent, too. She moved to NYC two years ago to work as a design intern at Betsey Johnson, & has since become Betsey’s right-hand woman, assistant & muse. (Otherwise known as the coolest job ever!) The two of them debut extravagant looks on the red carpet, & Stef is Betsey’s go-to model when she needs to pull something extraordinary out of the hat. For example, she recently wore a headdress of tulips & pansies to an event for Village Care!

In the video, you’ll get to meet some of the women behind the scenes, see samples being made, get an eyeful of Betsey’s infamous photo wall & spy on the place where she works. By the way, you’ll notice that Betsey’s desk has no computer on it! She does everything by hand… What a woman!

Finally, could you believe your eyes at all those vintage, archive Betsey designs hanging in the studio? There are racks & racks of them! Those are the pieces Betsey works from to get new ideas & inspiration. That’s not all of it, either… They have a warehouse stuffed to the gills with archive pieces! WHAT I WOULD NOT GIVE to experience that in the flesh!!!

Of course, huge thanks to Betsey, Katelyn, Petra & Stef for giving me such unrestrained access, & to Nato Tuke for filming! & thanks to YOU for coming along on this little tour with me! Wish you could have been there in person!