BIRTHDAY GIRL! Pink Leopard Print Platform Mary Janes!

Last Monday, Yumna & I met in the park so we could document not only my latest outfit, but my newest creation!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

Yes, it’s true! I can now add “shoe designer” to my eclectic résumé! I designed my first pair of shoes last month — bright pink leopard print platform Mary Janes — & I named them BIRTHDAY GIRL!

This calls for a celebration!

So, how did I become a shoe designer? By collaborating with Jeff Silverman! They contacted me about a month ago to see if I would be interested in designing my own shoes. OF COURSE I was!

Those of you who were at Evolving Influence probably noticed that Jeff Silverman was a sponsor of the conference, & that they had a booth where they seemed intent on teasing girls by showing them how easy it could be to design their own shoes. It was actually at Evolving Influence that I finally met Matthew (who I had been communicating with) & saw the prototype of my shoes!

The design process was really simple — all you need is an idea. I started off by sending them a combination of photos & fabric swatches, with arrows drawn all over them & crazy notes. (“Thicker strap, silver hardware, 5″ platform” etc.!)

My thinking behind the design of the BIRTHDAY GIRL heels was that I wanted something that looked incredible — with high impact & mega “wow” factor — but was also really easy to wear. I always think there’s no sense in having amazing shoes if you can’t really wear them. So, while these may look high, they actually have a nice wide heel to keep you stable, & a platform for comfort while you walk. I also wanted them in a Mary Jane style, because a strap across the foot means your shoe is secure! It drives me crazy when your foot slips out of the back of a heel — you can’t run in something like that!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

I love these shoes so much! Words cannot explain!

I didn’t even tell you the best bit yet! I’ve partnered up with Jeff Silverman to make BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes available right here through!


The facts:
BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes are $100 US per pair.
They have an all leather inner, a bright pink rubber sole (for non-slip fabulousness!), & a pony hair outer.
The heel is 5″ high & there’s a 1″ hidden platform inside.
They fit TRUE TO SIZE & are average width!

The shoes are made to order & the length of time between purchase & wear is approximately one week. The fact that they are made on demand is one way we are able to keep costs down!

More information:
We can ship ANYWHERE!
They are available in sizes 4 through 12! Hallelujah!
Yes, they are comfortable, & the quality is excellent! (I wouldn’t put my name on them if these two things weren’t up to scratch!)
Yes, I get a kickback from each pair sold! ($20, if you’re interested!)
Yes, you can return unworn shoes within 30 days for a full refund!
They come with a GALA DARLING label sewn inside, & inside a GALA DARLING shoe box. (!!!!!!!)
Yes, in these you will be the most magical girl on the block!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

I feel like the outfit possibilities with these shoes are endless! They’d be so sassy with a pair of cuffed black jeans, or perfect with a little black dress. They’d be incredible with a sparkly pink ensemble, & fantastic worn with a big tutu. Even when you’re running around on your day off, these shoes worn with blue jeans & a simple tank would be so awesome!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

I decided to go classic (well, as “classic” as I get) this time around. I wore…

Pink headband by Chubby Bunny
Rebecca coat from Coach (gifted, & these photos mark its debut!)
BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling (!!!)
Heart ring by Tarina Tarantino & skull ring from eBay

I fell in love with this coat when I was invited to the Coach store on Bleecker Street for a blogger preview. At the end, when we were told to choose our favourite piece to take home, everyone else huddled around the handbags while I went straight for the coats! (I always go for the coats!) I tried this one along with this leather jacket & this unbelievably luscious blazer, but settled on the Rebecca. Why? Its length makes it wonderfully warm & I knew I’d get the most wear out of it. Plus, it’s gorgeous! Who could say no?

P.S. I was not wearing anything underneath my coat in these photos. Park flasher, ahoy!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!Stop! Nature time! In our adventures, we encountered… DISCO SQUIRREL! Check him out!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!Chilly girl! The big tree behind me is the first one in the park to turn yellow.

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!BIRTHDAY GIRL: Perfect for playing noughts & crosses in!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!BIRTHDAY GIRL: Perfect for climbing jungle gyms!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!BIRTHDAY GIRL: Perfect for tyre swings!

A warning — or maybe not a warning, just a “note”: Men love these shoes. (Women love them too, but that’s a given.) I mean, men REALLY love these shoes.

When I walked into Rite Aid to buy the glitter we used in the pictures, one of the girls working there smacked her male workmate & said, “Your eyes are bugging out of your head! Behave!” I was also the object of much hootin’ & hollerin’ by a particularly excitable crew of construction workers, & a guy leaned out his window as he drove past to shoot me a huge grin & yell, “NICE SHOES!” (Did I mention I only had them on for an hour?!)

So, single heterosexual ladies? Consider these your golden slippers. Single queer ladies? You’re onto a winner. Everyone else? Invest in earplugs. Or just get ready to practice your oh-so-charming smile! Haha!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!Close-up of the texture! Superb! They are really so gorgeous in person!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

While we were strolling around the park, it was such a happy surprise to see my friend Amanda! She just got over a bout of pneumonia & was out getting some fresh air, walking her dog, Pearl, through the park! Pearl is adorable, just look at that face! I think Pearl & Dolly should be best friends, don’t you?

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

These shoes attract magic! This point was demonstrated when this nice man came over & gave me this wand! Too cute! You can’t see but the top of the wand is decorated with hot pink detail… which matched my shoes perfectly!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!

By the way, if you’ve always wanted to design your own pair of shoes — & pink leopard print platform Mary Janes aren’t quite you (it’s okay, I understand) — check out Jeff Silverman for design-your-own-shoe fun! I love it!

If you have more specific questions about BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes, shoot me an email or get in touch with Jeff Silverman customer service! (They make ’em, after all!)

…& if you buy a pair, PLEASE send me photos of you wearing them! I’d absolutely LOVE (understatement!!!) to see!

Thanks so much to the extremely rad & brilliant Yumna for making photographic marvels!