Blog On, Babe: Create A Blogging Posse!

Blog On, Babe: Create A Blogging Posse!

Hey, blogger babe: this is part four of a ten-part series, in which I tell you my top tips for kickstarting your blog & pushing it to the next level. You can make it really easy on yourself by just clicking on the blogging tag!

#5. Create a blogging posse!

One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to create yourself a blogger posse! This often happens quite quickly & naturally, as you start to read other people’s work & they become familiar with you at the same time, but it’s something you should be thoughtful about.

When you get down to it, blogging is a very solitary activity! While it’s valuable to allow yourself time to work alone — & since it’s almost impossible to write when people keep interrupting you! — it’s also immensely beneficial to have people you can bounce ideas around with.

As your relationships develop & deepen, you’ll find yourselves sharing triumphs, worries, asking for advice & sharing contacts. You can think of these people as your co-workers, or even a kind of creative council!

Obviously, my core blogging posse consists of Shauna & Kat, but that’s not the end of it. My husband, Mike, & Kat’s husband, Gareth, & are definitely part of my blogging posse. I know I can go to Simon whenever I need help, too.

I talk to my friend Rabbit a lot about blogging, simply because she’s one of the most clued-in people I’ve ever met. Veronica is a magical babe who always knows what to say or do, & has such an incredible sense of empathy & wisdom. I know I can ask Danielle or Kris for their advice anytime, which I really appreciate, & I have to admit I’m still thrilled to get an email from Problogger!

These friendships will pop up in likely & unlikely places. Shauna & I have been reading one another’s online journals since Livejournal in 2001! We had our first in-person rendez-vous in 2008 in NYC: it was a raucous time, involving weird parties in treehouses, rooftop photoshoots, & plenty of dancing. (Of course!) We only met Kat last year (this is the first photo we ever took together!), but when you discover someone who makes your heart do sparkly cartwheels, it’s hard to stay away!

When Rabbit lived in Chicago, she came to NYC & invited me to afternoon tea at Lady Mendl’s. Over slices of amazing crepe cake, we fell in love a little bit. (A month later, she emailed to tell me she was moving to New York… & the rest is history!) Veronica emailed me to invite me to one of her workshops, & when we met, something clicked for both of us. I discovered both Kris & Danielle through their blogs, & when I met them in person, realised they were both Good People (TM). Darren & I became friends after meeting at an event, & then regular coffee dates during which we discussed all things blog!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that “normal” friendships & blog friendships are quite different. Bloggers are a weird but fabulous bunch, & we live in a unique & bizarre world. It helps so much to have like-minded people with whom you can discuss these things!

Most importantly, it’s essential to get offline & meet these people in real life. You can’t be best friends with someone you’ve never shared a meal with! The really good, deep, gritty stuff happens away from the keyboard… & you’ll never know unless you’re right there for it.

No one can do it alone, & you shouldn’t even try. Start building that support network! You probably already know some babes who you’d like to have in your blogging posse, so don’t be nervous… Reach out to them more regularly!

Oh, & if there’s a blogger you have a crush on, why not email them? You’d be surprised by the amount of girls who will happily write back!

Blog love!